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Supercross BMX | Mini BMX Bobble Heads - 2020 Team Series

A few years ago we introduced Bob, the Supercross BMX Bobblehead! Then there was Retro Ray, the 90's Supercross BMX Bobble Head, and now for the 2020 USA BMX Grands, we did a special series that was the first of a run of TEAM RIDER Bobble Heads.

Unfortunately, COVID Struck, and they didn't get delivered to us until the end of 2021, but they are still a cool little BMX collectible even though a few of the riders have left to go on to other teams.

These Mini BMX Bobble Heads stand just under 4" Tall, and are wearing the 2021 Supercross BMX Factory Kit by FLY racing that we introduced at the 2020 USA BMX Grands. All of the racers in this series were there at the 2020 USA BMX Grands, Racing for Supercross BMX, and were supposed to be able to hand these out as special gifts to the fans. Oh, how Covid screws things up again. Regardless, now you can have a few more little BMXers invade your home in Supercross BMX style.

Be sure to collect the full series.  Each one is its own custom mold, and they are hand painted for you!

There are a total of 5 ( Five ) Mini Bobbles in this 2020 series!

Each Bobble Head is limited to only 500pcs each World Wide.