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Supercross BMX | 7 Time Bike Of the Year

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Last year we did our "Throwing Hands" Shirt when we won the USA BMX Golden Crank for a Record-Breaking 6 Times! Soon after, people began to ask what we would do after winning the Golden crank for the 7th time.

Well, at the Grands, we saw a few people Sharpie and extra finger on to the Throwing Hands Shirt. It was amazing to see and made us very proud!  But we needed to one-up it.

Bill had the idea of doing a Black Sabbath Rip seeing as Retro shirts are a bit of a craze right now. We wanted a BMXer throwing Hands like Ozzy did.... I know, stupid, right? Bill thought it was pretty funny, so we went for it!

Introducing the new 'Throwing Hands' logo. 5 on one, 2 on the other for a total of lucky 7! 

Show the world your favorite BMX brand and what you do by proudly displaying it on your chest and your back

The 7-time Bike of the year shirt is a 2-location full silk screen on a high-quality Tee.

Available in Black with 2 color prints.