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Supercross BMX | Tiger Teeth - Ryan Sheehan Tribute Chainwheel

Back in the late 80's early 90's when we started Supercross BMX, there was a real cool little BMX Mail order  / Vending Trailer out of Texas, S&S bikes, that was one of the very first Supercross BMX dealers. Michelle Sheehan ran S&S and her son Ryan was the founding member of the S&S team of crazy's that caused trouble all around the country all in the name of fun and BMX. Well Ryan convinced his mom to start a little company Tiger Teeth that was to help with some of the problems that the pro's and the older Am's were having with their bikes.

Bitchin' Bolts was the first product, followed up by the Tiger Teeth chain wheels, and then they started importing in the JIVE panels from Ireland, the stories that they could tell. But most importantly the contributions that they provided to the sport of BMX.

Unfortunately Ryan is no longer with us, but we reached out to Michelle and got her permission to replicate the Tiger Teeth Chain Wheel for our 30 year anniversary bikes, and she lovingly gave her blessing. We also had to meet Machine shop minimums, so there are overages, as we didn't make as many bikes as we had to make Chain wheels, so that means that you, the Supercross Riders, can now purchase a new to you, Tiger Teeth Replica for your bike.

We made these out of 7075 T-6 Billet, the originals were 6061. They are a 3/32nd tooth pattern and they are drilled for a 19mm spindle , think Profile, Redline etc... perfect for any old school crank.

Available in 33t for the 26" and 29" Retro Bikes
Available in 41t for the 24" and 26" Retro Bikes
Available in 44t for --- well you guessed it - 44/16 the infamous BMX gear
And for you big dinner plate type of guys.
Available in 47t for the infamous 47/17 on your 20" Retro Bike.

Shipping starts Sept. 20th, 2020

Customer Reviews

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Joe Tippit

Best sprocket ever. Perfectly true.
R.I.P. Ryan Sheehan forever

Excellent Quality!

I’ve bought several of these and they are top notch. Plenty of strength for heavier riders. Get them while you can.

Richie Ayden

Cool chainwheel and outstanding service. 👍