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Supercross BMX | Skuzzer Switchblade BMX Bobble Head

Last year Radical Rick™ Creator, Damian Fulton, and Supercross BMX™ Founder, Bill Ryan, teamed up to bring you the ultimate special edition 40th anniversary collectible. None other than the ultimate BMX Bobble Head, the BMXer who has done more than any of us could have dreamed of, Radical Rick!

Well, that got the blood boiling over at Mean Inc™, and Dr. Purin Flashin sent out his #1 Warrior to attack and take down the world's #1 BMXer! Yep, you guessed it! King Skuzzer Switch Blade!!

Limited to 500 pcs World Wide, King Skuzzer Switchblade™  Stands a little over 6" tall from his base. He has his trademark Dirt Kickin' Doc Martin's, his Day Glow Mohawk, and the Snaggle Tooth Snarl, letting you know that he is the real #1. 

Skuzzer travels home to you in a beautiful 4 color display box with bits of Damian's classic art, and a few clues that might tip you off to who might be the next in the series of Radical Rick™ Bobble Heads. Remember, this is a series!

Will you collect them all? 

Each Series is limited to only 500pcs each World Wide, with the first 40 pcs being signed by Damian himself for the ultimate in collectability!! 


To see a few examples of the past series and the Supercross BMX Version of the Retro Ray click thru the videos below that Al Cayne did of the unboxings. 

To get an idea of the care that goes into our Bobble Heads, take a look at the video of the Unboxing that SugarCayne.com did of our Retro Ray Bobble Head below.