Why is Kam on an ENVY RS7? Isn't the Carbon ENVY BLK 2 Faster?

January 13, 2020 3 min read

Why is Kam on an ENVY RS7? Isn't the Carbon ENVY BLK 2 Faster?

We have been getting asked that question a lot since Kam got off of his ENVY BLK 2 after grands, and now stepping onto the podium a the 2020 USA BMX season opener in Las Vegas on Day 3, we figured we would did into it a little deeper for you, the fans. So here you go, a little BMX Technology Lesson with Elite Men Kam Larsen

Q. ) Hey Kam thanks for sharing this info with the readers and the fans. We noticed that after the Grands, you kind of made a point of showing off putting together an ENVY RS7 For the off season. What made you think of doing that?

A. ) Well, typically during the racing season we as riders don't often get a lot of time to test setups or bikes due to always being on the go for racing or training. After suffering my wrist injury back in June I was off of the bike completely for a little over 5 months. As it got closer to my return, I had mentioned to Bill I wanted to try the RS7 after seeing a lot of hype about it, so because I hadn't ridden in so long, I felt it was the perfect time to try something new!

Kam Larsen and his Winter Fun Bike - The Supercross BMX ENVY RS7

Q.) We have had a few riders in the past that when they are coming back from an injury say that the ENVY BLK is Too Responsive, too fast for them, and that while they get their skills back that the ENVY RS7 is a bit more forgiving. Did you find that true as well?

A. ) I'd say for the most part, I find it true. The ENVY BLK is a very sturdy machine and it is very easy to ride aggressive on once you are used to the bike. Being that the RS7 is an aluminum frame compared to the carbon ENVY BLK, the RS7 gives you a little looser feel, while still having the awesome geometry that the ENVY BLK has.

Q.) Yea, it seems that a few Riders have said that the ENVY BLK is so responsive that if they made a mistake it apmplified it. Which is what a carbon frame does it, enhances the positives, every pedal stroke is a bit faster, but any mistake is a little bigger as well, but even so , you went out and pulled off a Pro Open win on it in Vegas. How did it feel in FULL RACE mode after riding the ENVY BLK 2 for so long?

A. ) The RS7 felt great on the race track. Truthfully, I originally planned to race the RS7 because the dirt track racing in Vegas suits the frame perfectly. On these one-weekend built dirt tracks, we see a lot of what I call "breaking bumps" or just kind of soft bumps in general, and on the ENVY BLK you can really feel those things on the track. The RS7 made for a super smooth ride while still being stiff enough to snap out of the gate well and get down the first straight.

Q. ) So now that the off season is over and it is time to get serious again, we see that the ENVY BLK is now the race steed of choice again. Are you going to keep the RS7 built for a play bike, or are you going to get one of the new SX450 #Funmachine's as Bubba likes to call it?

A. ) Yeah, as we get serious into the Pro racing season, the ENVY BLK makes the most sense in my case. Almost all of the tracks we race on are either soil tac'd or have some sort of slurry surface like Rockhill does, so the faster, stiffer, and lighter ENVY BLK2 suits that style the best. It is very likely you'll see me on the RS7 in the future, possibly at some more Pro-Opens and such. I think we proved the aluminum is still a very completive frame. I think I'll leave the Fun Machines to Bubba, although I don't think a Flame-Blue SX450 would look too bad! I guess you'll have to wait and see!

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