Supercross BMX ENVY RS7 BMX Race Frame

Since the announcement and press release on the new ENVY RS7 on 7/7/17 we have been hit up with a few questions on the frame.

A few why's? Why Not's? So to try to make sure we can answer everyone's questions we have set up this page. If you have a question of your own, e-mail us, and we will be glad to answer it and if enough people ask it, it  might end up here. So lets get started.

First, the full specs are listed here on the ENVY RS7 page. But there are a few questions that didn't deal with the actual specs, so they are below, go ahead and read on.

The First question we have gotten a lot is -


And yes, a few people have Typed it in all caps so we must assume they are YELLING.

Well no reason to yell, the answer is simple. The Traditional EURO BB works. And not only does it work, it works well.  It allows you to use almost 99.5% of the cranks that are on the market. It doesn't creak, it stays tight, it runs true, there are a ton of BB kits to choose from.

Next question we got a lot was -


Well , we went back and forth on the disk brake mounts. And the bottom line is, why should we add cost and weight for the less than 0.2% of the BMX ridership that want to run disk brakes. Even when one of our own ( I'm looking at you Dinger!! ) is really really wanting us to try a disc brake bike for him.  Will we be building a disk brake option in the future? Possibly. We are building a few prototypes for Dinger to try out now as he REALLY wants to run a disc. As does Andy our distributor in the UK at Sorted BMX.  But the general BMX ridership is still running a v brake, and for good reason. There is nothing the matter with the V-Brake for BMX It's light, easy to set up, effective and doesn't force you to go buy a new hub or wheelset to try it. But Dinger and Andy are being relentless and want to prove us wrong that disk's are the future of BMX. And who knows, they may be in the future. But not now. And why would we make you suffer with the extra weight that you don't need.

The funniest one we got was -


I wish that question was a joke, but they seemed to be serious. But really people?? Do you want gimmicks or do you want a BMX racing frame?? People used to give us crap back in the day for our Secondary Seat stay design, they called it a gimmick, but it was done in helping build a stiffer frame for racing with the stock seamless 4130 Cro-mo tubing that was available. So it wasn't gimmicky, it was striving for perfection. And a BMX frame really is a pretty simple animal, but one that is hard to perfect, but taking out tubes, or bending tubes for the aesthetics is NOT a way to make you go faster. You want your frame to be Light, Stiff and Strong. And the ENVY RS7 is just that. Light, Stiff and Strong. Basic physics and reasoning tell you that if you have a bent tube, it is a longer tube, and therefore a heavier tube. So why do that just for looks? And every tube in this frame serves a purpose, the seatmast doesn't just hold your seat, it helps brace your BB Shell, and the reason we spent all that money to do a new die for the custom shaping, is to help you launch better out of the gate. If we took that tube out..... well lets jsut say you wouldn't be having much fun at the back of the pack.

Then we got the -


We have tried built in tensioners in the past. And never had good luck with a system that wasn't too complicated. The current tensioners on the market work well, are simple and light.  No need to add weight or complicate the frame. We have seen quite a few people strip out the threads in the frames, and ruin the frame trying to install a different nut, or have the frames crack in that area as it is a fairly high stress area. And really, the current tensioners are just way too easy.

Supercross BMX ENVY RS7 BMX Race Frame


Hope this answers all of your questions. But if it doesn't drop us an e-mail and we will try to make sure we address any question you have. Take a look at the new Supercross BMX ENVY RS7 at your favorite Supercross BMX dealer.