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Supercross BMX Overload!!

June 14, 2023 2 min read

Early June is for most the first week of summer and that means traveling! If it's the old Studebaker, or maybe a 747 headed to Turkey for the kickoff of the UCI World Cup, it has been an absolute blitz as we start the summertime series for BMX racing.
Locally down in the High Desert of California just a short drive from the SX headquarters, 400+ riders converged on Apple Valley Moto Park as well as a trio of So Cal tracks and state races were plentiful. Did you catch our speedy TM Nick Valencia both behind the scenes and then on the track? He would pick up 3 state race wins and his road dog Deegan Brown would double that effort and grab 6 wins on class and cruiser.
Ryder Merki brought his steezy style out and both him and Bella Hammonds were seen going way fast. Sneak peeks of a glittery new Vision F1 build for Bella have been leaking out and we cannot wait to see her new rig!
Going international just North of the border the second Canada invasion of the SX factory team came back home with plenty of wins eh? Josh White grabbed 4 wins including a pro am payout. Kaiden Ireland stamped 4 of his own in the 13X division and also 13-14 open. Not to be left out Hannah Leakey grabbed 3 wins in cruiser and a pair of podiums in 15-16 Expert Girls.
Lastly and the most impressive and not a shocker but more of a validation was Spencer Cole who has been putting in the work and the results were not going to elude him as he worked his way into back to back mains in the U23 class representing team USA at the world cup event in Turkey. As the worlds are just around the corner we are excited to see Spence get some results and the work start to payoff. Louison our Frenchman was in the house but a little bit of registration issue will delay his debut but we look forward to him getting in the mix soon. Seems to be commonplace that we have our flyin' factory team on all corners of the earth flying the SX flag and excited to see you the fans!  
-Written by TM Nick Valencia