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Product Spotlight: RSX Race Frame

December 31, 2022 5 min read

Recently unveiled from the #secretlabs at Supercross HQ comes the RSX Aluminum Race Frame. By now, most of you have seen the post that briefly outline the specs of our latest model. However, in this article, we’ll showcase a few key details about the RSX while also outlining where it stands within our product lineup. Towards the end, we’ll help you decide if the RSX is right for you!

RS Who?


After the successful launch of the VISION F1, we understood that not every racer could afford the premium cost that comes with producing the fastest frame to date. But we didn’t want to keep all the fun at the top of the food chain. Hence the introduction of our newest frame…

The RSX is the latest addition to our lineup of BMX super frames and acts as the aluminum counterpart to the VISION F1 Carbon chassis. We took most of what makes the VISION F1 great and bundled it into a more affordable package for the everyday racer.

Featuring taperwall heat treated 6061 aluminum, the RSX cuts down on cost without sacrificing performance.

The Difference Maker

Similar to the VISION F1, the rear end is where most of the magic happens. The RSX sports hollow CNC’d dropouts that are lighter than traditional sliding dropouts seen on other aluminum frames. We packed modern technology into the RSX that saves weight, increases launch performance, and improves rear-end functionality all while saving you money! Kind of a superhero frame if you ask us.

The hollow CNC’d dropouts feature a fully captive axle design similar to the dropouts on the VISION F1. This inclusion allows you access to the same SX flip-chip and idler technology that was once reserved for the VISION F1. This updated rear end makes rear wheel installation a breeze. You’ll know every time that chain tension, wheel alignment, and brake clearance are perfectly set—no more fumbling around with chain tensioners to get things centered.

The fully captive rear end is also the most effective platform for disc brakes as it eliminates the horseshoe effect that occurs from using disc brakes on traditional sliding dropouts. Just like with the VISION F1, the RSX is forward-thinking and ready to adapt to the new age of BMX Racing technology.

But for those still holding onto their dear V-Brakes, you’ll also receive a set of removable V-brake posts. No matter which braking system you prefer, both mounts are fully removable, allowing you to maintain the sleekest look.

Is There More?

As for the rest of the frame, you’ll get most of what you’d expect from any modern race frame: 

  • Campy style integrated headtube (tapered headtube on pro size frames)
  • Buldged seat mast (for extra launch!)
  • Internal Cable routing (sleekest look)
  • Tapered & Butted Stays (because details matter)

The RSX packs all the modern features without the price hike of other frames. It’s more of what you need at a fraction of the cost! 

But what is the cost? And when can you get one?

Size + Colors + Price

The RSX will be available in early 2023 in sizes Expert XL all the way up to Pro XXXL. There’s a possibility for more sizes later into the year. We also plan to do a few 24” models for our cruiser fans out there. 

But what about colors?! At launch, you’ll see the following options: 

  • Gold
  • Blue
  • Gun Metal
  • Black
  • Red 
  • Pink 
  • Purple
  • Grey
  • Mirror Polished 

All colors are anodized to cut down on weight even further. Small detail, but every bit counts when you’re seeking the best! 

The RSX will retail for $549, which includes:

  • RSX Frame
  • 2 Sets of SX Flip Chip (10mm & 15mm)
  • Disc & V-Brake Mounts
  • SX Idler

Value Like You've Never Seen!

The RSX is our most affordable frame yet packing modern technology. It’s $150 cheaper than our RS7 Aluminum Superframe. And about ¼ of the cost of the VISION F1 package! But don’t let the lower price fool you into thinking it isn’t fast!

During the design process, cost savings were at the forefront of this project. We wanted to take our latest technology and pack it into the most affordable frame yet.

It all starts with the 6061 aluminum tubsets used to produce the RSX. It’s a fantastic material used by most of the industry for producing quality aluminum race frames. However, it isn’t the same 'Super Alloy' we used on the RS7. By going with an overall less expensive material, we could spend more resources on developing other features like the hollow dropouts and include VISION F1 technology without spiking overall cost.


As expected, the VISION F1 sits at the top of the Supercross food chain, and for good reason. Featuring the latest carbon fiber technology, it’s the fastest frame built for the fastest racers. While it’s a fantastic platform to take your racing to the next level, it isn’t for everybody.

In comes the RSX with its affordable price tag and focus on being a fun frame to ride. It's a more inclusive frame that makes VISION F1 technology more obtainable. The RSX is designed for racers who don’t necessarily need the fastest but instead look for a quality frame that won't break the bank.

Somewhere between the RSX and VISION F1 sits the ENVY RS7. It’s our fastest aluminum frame and packs the highest quality 7000 series aluminum we offer. It’s faster than the RSX but lacks some of the technical advancements of the VISION F1. However, it still holds onto some older features that the RSX replaces in favor of the new captive rear-end design. The ENVY RS7 is the middle man within our lineup that packs a little bit of both ends of the spectrum! 

At the end of the day, each model mentioned above is an extremely capable race frame that will handle anything you throw at it. Each model comes in various colors and features their own piece of advanced BMX Racing technology. We understand that BMX Racing isn’t a 'one size fits all' type of sport. This is why we offer you multiple options that best suit YOUR specific race needs. So while one frame may be faster than another on paper, it might not be the best for YOU.

If you're still scratching you head on which frame to buy, it really comes down to asking yourself a simple question: How fast do you want/need to go?

The answer to that question will decide which frame you should go with. Each model is separated by subtle differences that make them stand out in their own right. So it’s up to you to decide which frame suits your specific needs.

Looking for the fastest? - VISION F1

Looking for a deal? - RSX

Looking for something in between? - ENVY RS7

We hope this article helps ease your purchase decision. No matter which route you choose, you'll receive a beautifully crafted race machine with the same confidence inspiring Supercross geometry you know and love. And if this is you're first Supercross frame, it's feeling you'll soon learn to love too. 

The RSX will be available in early 2023, with sales of the VISION F1 and ENVY RS7 going on now. Be sure to check our website for the latest inventory, or check in with your local Supercross dealer. Don't forget to sign up for Supercross newsletter as we're always sneaking little deals and restock notifications through there. You can get signed up by clicking the small circle at the bottom left of your screen. We look forward to seeing you there.

- Written by: Jonnie Vance