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Let the controversy begin - Cro-mo Rules!

September 05, 2018 3 min read

It seems like everyone needs a reason to talk, well we are giving you one. Cro-mo Rules!! What? Do we have a fever? No, we think we are OK, well at least we think we are OK.  Why, what do you know? But yes, we said it, the leader in Carbon Fiber BMX Technology is putting it out there, Cro-mo rules!! Blasphamy right?? Well before you start burning things, let me explain.....

Supercross SX450 Pro BMX Racing Frame

We here at Supercross BMX have never given up on 4130 cro-mo, since the begining of Supercross time, there has been a cro-mo frame in the line up somehow. The original SX series, the DEVO, the UL, the R-CR, the BOLT, and lately the SX450z .  The original SX450z was built as a 25 year anniversary frame, 25pcs of the 5 sizes. Super limited edition and all shiny chrome. Now as we enter the 30 year anniversary of Supercross, we have released the new SX450z, and man are people loving it. And rightfully so, how could they not.

This entire project started on a Christmas break whim, Bubba, and Anthony had been asking me to build them a Cro-mo frame, and I thought it would be pretty cool to have one too. So break out the frame building arsenal of tools, and wala, on Dec. 26th, we posted up a picture on our Instagram of raw freshly welded SX450 with some new tweaks.  A few weeks later one fresh out of chrome was sent out to the one and only Mr. Bad Bubba Harris, who quickly thru it together and instantly dubbed it the "Fun Machine" Anthony had to wait until he got back from his Clinic Tour of Australia before he got his.

Now you are probably shaking your head right now, why is Supercross BMX the leader in Carbon Fiber BMX frame technology ( you have seen the ENVY BLK 2 right? ) touting a 4130 cro-mo frame, what is this the 80's??

No, it is not the 80's, and we are not saying that a 4130 cro-mo steel race frame is going to give you an advantage on the track. We will tell you the Carbon one will. But what we will say is that the #4130 cro-mo frame is FUN. It is easy on your knees, and for someone who likes to race for fun, not chasing Olympic Dreams or National #1 titles, it might just be the perfect bike.

Now it wouldn't truly be a Supercross BMX frame if we didn't geek out and try to make it the absolute best cro-moly BMX frame to ever hit the track, yea we said it, we strived to build the best, the best steel BMX race frame the world has ever seen. We didn't just grab some  seamless cro-mo and build a frame, we started off with an exotic TANGE PRESTIGE tubeset, Top, Down and Seatmast.

By doing that we came up with a Pro XXL that weighed 3.76lbs in raw.  That shaves a 1/2 pound off of old UL weight of 4.2 and that was for the Pro XL.

So now we have a 4130 Cro-mo Frame that is lighter than a ton of Aluminum frames, and even a few of the Carbons. For a few comparisons on weight , check out these articles that BMXultra.com did.

Aluminum Frame Weights

Cro-mo Frame Weights

Now these charts are 5 years old now, but most of the frames listed haven't changed in 5 years.

Now a good Carbon frame will still be a full pound lighter than the SX450, but carbon is a different animal. These Cro-mo frames are a big supercharged muscle car, and we tweaked it a bit , added fuel injection and some modern goodies.  The ENVY BLK 2 Carbon BMX Race Frame is straight up F1 and Supercar technology.

One of the guys from Bay Area BMXers , Francis, built up a new SX450 for his personal race machine and claims under 19lbs with Cro-mo Supercross BMX Bars, Forks, etc.... DXR cranks, ready to race.

Francis' Supercross BMX SX450

 We would love to see how you guys build them up. But if you are interested in getting one, you might want to act fast as we were only able to get 115 sets of the Tange Prestige tubes, so these are super limited, and have already sold out of certain sizes and colors. You can pick one up at your favorite Local Supercross BMX dealer, or by clicking here.