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Oldsmar Florida Thrills, Chills and Spills....

March 03, 2023 3 min read

Supercross BMX Spencer Cole Oldsmar Racing

The factory Supercross crew ascended on Oldsmar, Florida this past weekend and as the headline stated the event provided an array of emotions and everything in between. Our riders were often seen out front and looked poised to take down some big main event finishes but as we all know BMX can be elusive and sometimes the stars don't align just right.
Vineta - Our Elite lady Vineta made the trek out to Florida early to get dialed in and wanted to have a good showing ahead of this big weekend but an unfortunate fall will leave her on the injured list for a few weeks as she deals with a collarbone break. She has been keeping up on social media and is itching to get back in the saddle so wish her some healing vibes and excited to see her back stateside again very soon.
Supercross BMX Deegan Brown Racing
Supercross BMX Josh White Racing
Deegan Brown & Josh White were on an absolute tear for the Team USA Worlds Qualifier which ran Friday evening. They both made it through qualifying rounds of total points style racing and were able to secure first place honors and stamp their tickets to Glasgow Scotland later this year. While not leading those laps they also both have been testing their skills off the 8m hill in Super X open and have been doing well. It's always a plus to see them doing well off the big hill and I think you may see both of them tracking toward Jr. Men races in the very new future. Josh also was on a new build bike as he has now stepped up to a XXXL offering and word on the street is the RSX next level aluminum frame may come in that size offering and some Josh colorway for those who are interested and pushing 6ft+. Excited to see him stretch out his legs and put the power down on a longer chassis.
Supercross BMX Spencer Cole
Supercross BMX Cam Bramer
Elite efforts and U23 Sunday duties were the responsibility of Spencer Cole and Cam Bramer who both were looking good in motos but with a depth of 60 riders in elite the slightest error can keep you out of the main events in that Elite division. U23 ran on Sunday and both the boys were leading laps early in the day with low points being the name of the game and Bramer even leading a semi. 25% of the main was SX so we felt good about our chances! Good start for Spencer had him dicing for a podium spot and closing the distance was Cam who made a move to overtake Spencer and get around another rider diving to his inside but the move didn't go accordingly as Cam would high side and topple. The worst of the riders going down was Spencer who had good momentum but was redirected and took a visit up and over the last turn and if you have been to Oldsmar the backs of the turns are where the gators usually sunbathe so things can get sketchy for sure. Chalk our boys up for a 7/8 finish still netting some U23 scores but a couple of podiums would have been a better celebration! 
Supercross BMX KJ Romero Racing
Last but never least your favorite rider and mine KJ Romero was absolutely looking to form. He had mentioned the gates didn't feel snappy but the track speed was there so it was common to see him start 4/5/6 out of turn 1 but then use that racecraft to move on up in the standings lap by lap. He narrowly missed a podium but has been quietly stacking scores so those paying attention may want to keep an eye on his efforts. With his home track Rock Hill on the schedule I am sure he will be looking for a good showing in front of the family.
Next race for the crew is @KJ's house for the Elites and our Amateur crew will be on the West coast at Bakersfield BMX in just a few short weeks.
All photos courtesy of USA BMX
-Written by Nick Valencia

Race Results


Josh White
16 Challenge - 1st
Deegan Brown
17-24 Challenge - 1st
KJ Romero
Vet Pro - 4th


Josh White
15 Expert - 5th
KJ Romero
Vet Pro - 6th


Josh White
15 Expert - 3rd
Spencer Cole
23U - F
Cam Bramer
23U - 7th