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Supercross Bmx Balance BIkes

August 31, 2020 4 min read


How did you discover BMX?

It's a subject that comes up occasionally, my friends and family see through social media how our family spends our time.
Did you do it as a kid? Did you live near a track? Did someone introduce you to it?

About 10 years ago I was looking for a “big” present for my 1-year-old son at Christmastime. My daughter was getting a dirt bike, and hey, that's a big gift! You can't get a baby a dirt bike though, right? I was trying to be that “fair" kind of mom, their presents had to be sort of equal. I thought a bike would fit the bill, even though he wouldn’t have known the difference. While looking at amazon one day, I sent my husband a link to this new toy that was in the recommended area and said “What do you think of this?”

Holden got a balance bike.  

He would just play with the wheels at first, spinning them as it sat upside down. He couldn’t walk yet, but he could pull himself up to balance standing next to it. When he got a few months older he would just sit on it and make “braap” sounds, eventually learned to pick up the front and do a baby wheelie. Then, one day... he took off. All-day long, all over the house, out the patio doors, around the backyard, through our kitchen, back though where I usually sat and worked in my home office. It went to every single place we went. The park, grandma’s house, camping, he even sat on it and watched cartoons. Holden was always riding his little pushbike. Looking back, I realize it was his favorite toy for years.

Holden's Favorite Toy

One day my husband told me a story of how he had always wanted to go riding at this horse park where there were hills or something. He said his mom never got him the right bike, and they never went, but he’s always wanted to go. Who even knows, I just went along with it. We were off to this park because little Holden could ride his baby bike there. He borrowed a helmet from the office and we pushed him up the back of the big hills and he coasted down the front. He loved it. There was a little group of toddlers on bikes and they would race each other. Some were super fast and already looked determined. Some kids were like Holden, they chilled and just coasted around. He would talk to his new buddies while they “raced” and would wait for his competition when they crashed. He cried every time we had to go home. As he got older we realized Holden doesn't love to be competitive, he would rather ride around and talk to everyone, but that bike was his favorite toy as baby and toddler. It was a great purchase. By the time he was three he was pedaling a small BMX bike around the big track and even though he decided to retire after winning ROC #1 as a 6-year-old Novice, he still likes to ride for fun.

Holden & his BMX buddies

It turns out the trip to Apple Valley BMX Moto Park at Horseman's Center meant my 7-year-old daughter would go to the track too. She saw a boy from school riding, and even though he wouldn't let her touch his big kid bike because she had (likely still has) cooties, her dad got the idea that she needed a BMX race bike of her own. She would be able to ride while Holden rode his baby bike. He searched Craigslist, bought her a Redline Mini, and off to the track she went. Holden on the balance bike at the back half of the track and his sister up on the big start hill with her pedal bike.

Annabella's first time riding at Apple Valley BMX.

Occasionally Holden will break out one of the many hand-me-down bikes he has and hit the track. His sister is the one who found her sport and passion, he more just comes along and hangs with friends and pets dogs now. But, Annabella Hammonds is on her 8th with her of her traveling all over the country riding and racing BMX, and she is on year 6 of representing Factory Supercross. She’s raced (and podiumed) on the world's stage and won the Greatest Race on Earth. She’s ranked 21st out of all female racers in North America who race on the USA BMX circuit. She has hopes of riding and racing for her whole life, on every level. Somehow buying her brother a balance bike created an opportunity for her to become an accomplished BMX Racer that loves to ride.

Annabella Hammonds, 15-16 Expert Girls.

When Supercross owner, Bill Ryan decided to do Balance Bikes for Supercross he thought Annabella should have a signature color bike of her own. He knows this story and also knows that she has a lot of love for little riders. She's pretty good on a balance bike too, even though she never rode one as a little kid. Bella's signature balance bike is Pink, but they come in Black, Blue, Purple, and Hi-Vis Yellow. You can use code BALANCEWITHBELLA to get 20% off any color for a limited time! It’s become fun between the team to see what kind of tricks the big kids can pull, but that also means kids of all ages will enjoy it.

The Supercross BMX balance bikes are much like what all the Supercross bikes are - the best on the market. It starts with a low-profile 6061 T-6 Aluminum Heat Treated Frame with a 12” top tube and an integrated foot platform. It has an alloy riser handlebar, 1” threadless Integrated Sealed Bearing headset and fork, 12” alloy wheels with inflatable tires, and an adjustable padded seat. Color-matched rims and handlebars, and spoked wheels. 

I guess it's like that story "Give a Pig a Pancake". You never know where that gift can take you! If you have a toddler or baby in your life, give them a balance bike! Maybe their family will become apart of the BMX Community or find a hobby that they love!  


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Supercross BMX | BMX Balance Bike - Supercross BMX - BMX Racing

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