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Anthony Dean - Interview on 15.ie

April 19, 2017 3 min read

When Anthony Dean joined Supercross as our Premier Elite Men, earlier this year, it went viral online quickly. Everyone wanted to know more right away, well Lar and his crew at 15.ie hooked up with Anthony for a quick little interview before Anthony headed off back home down under to get ready for the Australian National Champs.

Supercross BMX's Elite Men, Anthony Dean

We love what 15.ie is doing with trying to push fresh BMX racing content out to the world. So be sure to click on over and check out the Anthony Dean interview and see what else they may be posting about.

Here is a quick excerpt,

Anthony Dean | Supercross BMX

Interview & Bike Check | April 2017

Anthony Dean - Supercross BMX - Korban Corbett

It was probably Rio where Anthony Dean really made us sit up straight and pay attention even though he has been a regular in the elite main for years now. The Olympic final ultimately didn’t go his way but he then turned up in Tulsa and destroyed the 2016 USA BMX Grands … now he’s arguably the one to beat at any gate he racks up on.

2017 see’s Dean join Supercross BMX in pursuit of perfection … Anthony and Bill Ryan fill us in on both the bike and the rider …

15: We read somewhere that you hadn’t quite figured out what went wrong in the Rio final, with the passing of time have you been able to come to a conclusion in your mind about what happened after being so dominant in the early rounds? Would you do anything different looking back now? We appreciate that hindsight is a wonderful thing …

Dean: Looking back I should have gone outside from Sam and not lane 2 in-between Nic Long, who both have arguably the best starts. Next time around I’d have gone lane 4.

15: How much do nerves factor into who wins big events like the Olympics? The occasion has got to be overwhelming, especially for your first time?

Dean: Huge obviously, someone who can rise to the occasion and believe they can win will win.

15: Did it take long after you crossed the line in Rio before Tokyo popped into your head?

Dean: Not at all, it was the last thing I’ve thought about this last 8 months.

Anthony Dean - Supercross BMX

15: After Rio you disappeared for a while, for surgery we believe, then you reappeared at the USA BMX Grands and just smashed it … were the Olympics a motivating factor in Tulsa or was it just back to business as usual?

Dean: Yes 100%, after the Olympics and going so well. I put a lot of confidence in my mind and the past 6 month’s I used that as pure motivation to work harder and really wanted to win, i.e. the Grands, I wanted to show myself I can win.

15: The start of this year found a few big names in Elite BMX, you included, without a bike sponsor … is it getting harder to find the kind of support in BMX needed to get to all these international events?

Dean: Yes, It’s very hard to get a good bike sponsorship nowadays. The market is dry/saturated and nobody is paying the Pros anymore (besides the main few). So it has been quite difficult but having said that I am very thankful Supercross stepped up and gave me what I asked.

‘I was on a mission at all costs to win … rain or shine I was getting it done’

15: Will Supercross have a rider in the final for Tokyo?

Dean: The plan is to have an Olympic Gold Medalist on Supercross in Tokyo 

Well that should give you a little taste, But you will have to go visit 15.ie to read the rest. Be sure to keep an eye on Anthony and Supercross BMX as there are big things coming.