Supercross BMX | Radaversary BMX Racing Pad Set

Pads used to be for protection on your BMX Race Bike, now it is a way to add that personal touch. Used to be that you could go and get all the different colors, factory logos and special designs.  Well for our Radavesary, we worked with FLITE to do a special limited run of 100 sets of our Supercross BMX Radaversary Pads.

Full Silkscreen 4 color print in the Supercross BMX colors - Yellow, Blue, Red, and White print on the 80's Nylon. Velcro Closures.  They are the true style of the 80's and 90's BMX.

Designed to fit the 1.25" Top Tube.  And an XL length stem.

Made in the USA by Flite BMX.

Comes with:

9" Handlebar Pad

12" Frame Pad

15" Long stem pad