Supercross BMX | Radaversary BMX Racing Pad Set

Back in the day, pads were used to protect your precious BMX Race Bike. But it was also a way to add a unique personal touch to your machine. Nowadays, pads are few and far between. But for our 33-year Radavesary, we wanted to bring some old-school flavor back to BMX. We worked with FLITE to do a limited 100-set run of our Supercross BMX Radaversary Pads!

Full Silkscreen 4 color print in the Supercross BMX colors - Yellow, Blue, Red, and White printed on the 80's Nylon. They feature Velcro closures for easy installation and they're true 80's style BMX flair! 

Designed to fit the 1.25" Top Tube and XL length stem.

Made in the USA by Flite BMX.

Package includes:

9" Handlebar Pad

12" Frame Pad

15" Long stem pad