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Supercross BMX | SX250 - 30 Year Anniversary BMX Race Frame - The Six Bar

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Back in 1989 when we started Supercross BMX, the original frame was our 6 bar design. We used this design for over a decade on our Cro-mo and Aluminum BMX race Frames.

When we designed the SX250, we were limited on tube sizes that the Steel Mills were running, and had to solve the problem of frame flex and stiffness, so the extra triangulation is what we did. By lowering the first set of seat stays and adding the second set of stays for additional triangulation, we had a BMX race frame that was stiffer, faster accelerating and better handling that the other ones on the market.

Since we discontinued the use of the 6 bar rear end and the secondary seat stays, we have always been asked to make a re-issue. So here it is. For our 30 year anniversary, not only are we re-introducing a limited run of the 6 Bar SX250's , we are upping the ante a bit. It is not an old school wall hanger, but an actual modern race frame, and we got TANGE back on board to build us a few more of the Prestige® Tubesets and have built them into the ultimate Retro Race bike.

Full Heat Treated post weld construction, Campy® Style Integrated Headtube, CNC Machined Euro BB shell,  and the famous 6 bar rear end.

Colors are Triple Show Chrome, Gloss Black or RAW.

Available sizes are Pro XL ( 21.25" TT ) , Pro XXL ( 21.75" TT ) Pro XXXL  ( 22.25" TT ) and the Pro XL Cruiser ( 22" TT )

Each model is serialized up to 30, as we are only releasing 30 of each size.  And from your serial number you will be able to tell what number yours is. Example, for the Pro XL's it will be the following serial numbers - 250XL001 , 250XL002, 250XL003 etc….. and will be on the Left Rear Dropout as the Original Supercross BMX Racing Frames were.

 All frames will have the 30 Years Behind Bars Retro decals.

And don't forget your Supercross BMX RETRO Pads , or the Supercross BMX Retro Stem to complete the build. And who could forget the fork.

Only the FIRST TWO photos are actual production. The rest are NOT the actual production. These are Photos of the actual original SX250 frames from 30 years ago , and one of the TANGE Prestige SX450 we built last year and are for representation purposes only until production is finished.

Please post pics of your builds and share your serial # on the Supercross BMX Riders Group on Facebook.