Speedline Tapered 1 1/8" - 1.5" Sealed Bearing Integrated Headset

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The Speedline Tapered Sealed Bearing Headset is designed to work with all "Campy" style integrated headtube frames that taper from 1 1/8" on the top to 1.5" on the bottom.

It uses Sealed 45/45 ACB (Angular Contact Bearing) for the greatest amount of bearing contact and the smoothest spin. The top race is machined from light weight aluminum and has rubber dust seals to help maintain the life of the bearings.

These headsets are for use in 1 1/8" / 1.5" tapered headtubes only.

This headset is compatible with 1 1/8" forks and 1.5" forks as it contains both bottom races, so you can use a traditional 1 1/8" fork with your 1.5 head tube.

They are available in Black, White and Jet Fuel.


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