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PrestaCycle | TorqKey T-Handle Preset Torque Tool, 6Nm

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Prestacycle TorqKey T-Handle Torque-Limiting Bits Tool.

Wanting to ensure that you have the perfect torque spec on your Supercross BMX and Speedline Parts Carbon Fiber Forks and Bars, this is the most economical way to do it.  The Presta Cyycle Torq Key will give you the proper feedback when you hit 6nm.

  • Torque value accurate to + / - 8%
  • Torque accuracy lifecycle exceeds 5000 cycles
  • Provides 20 degree overrun when maximum torque is reached
  • Overrun provides user with unmistakable feedback when torque value is reached
  • Polymer T-Handle ergonomically designed for comfortable four-finger and palm grip
  • Color-coded tension markings on both sides