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Park Tool | SAC-2 SuperGrip Carbon and Alloy Compound

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SAC-2 Carbon and Alloy Assembly Compound helps create a tighter grip between two slippery surfaces. Highly recommended when installing the Supercross BLK Forks, and Supercross BLK Carbon Bars on the Supercross BMX VISION F1 BMX Racing Frame.

Perfect for the bond area between the Carbon Surfaces of Carbon Bars, Carbon Stems, Carbon Forks, and Carbon Seatposts. It's ideal for anywhere you might have an area where the Carbon to alloy or Carbon to Carbon area might cause a bit of slippage.

  • Not for use on threaded surfaces
  • Ideal for carbon, aluminum, and steel seat posts, handlebars, and stems
  • Bike and component manufacturers often require the use of assembly compounds for their components