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Meet Ryder Merki

Ryder Merki is one of our newer additions to the Factory roster. Ryder joined the factory ranks last year and is currently enjoying his first year on the team. He currently races the 9-year-old expert and cruiser classes. Ryder’s parents used to race BMX, so they brought him to the track at the age of 3 as a test to see if Ryder would like it. I think we can all now see what Ryder thought about BMX Racing!

Ryder’s most prominent achievements include making the semi at the 2019 World Championships and being the youngest USA rider to jump “the eliminator” first jump at BMX Zolder.

At such a young age, Ryder is passionate about the sport of BMX Racing. His favorite things include; traveling the world to race on new tracks, making new friends at each of the races, and pushing his technical skills through jumping bigger and higher jumps. Ryder pushes himself to be the best jumper at his age, trying to go higher than all of his competition.

Outside of BMX, Ryder likes to ride the pump tracks and hit the dirt jumps. It’s clear to see why the kid is such a talented jumper. Spending all that time on flats and riding different stuff is paying off!

Looking forward, Ryder hopes to become a world champion one day and eventually compete in the Olympics. Outside of racing, Ryder hopes to continue his success in school by maintaining good grades.


Frame: EXpert XL Envy BLK2 in Black & Silver
Fork: Supercross Elite Pro BLK BMX Race Forks, Black
Stem: Speedline Elite BMX Race Stem, Jet Fuel
Bars: Supercross LT-A Expert XXL Alloy Bars, Black
Brakes: Speedline Ultralight Alloy V-Brakes, Jet Fuel
Seat: Supercross felicia saddle, Black
Seat Clamp: Speedline, Black
Cranks: Speedline Carbon Black
Rims: Speedline Race Carbon Rims in Black
Hubs: Onyx, in Black
Tires: Tioga FastR
Pedals: Ti HT Pedals
Grips: Vans grips in black
Chainring: CXP Racing
Chain: KMC for Speedline Parts


Tell me about yourself. Who are you? How old are you? What class do you currently race? When did you start racing? How did you start racing? Etc.
My Name is Ryder Merki , I am 9 years old and race 9 expert and cruiser. I started racing when I was 3, my parents use to race so they took me out to see if I would like it.

What are some of your biggest achievements within the sport?
Some of my biggest achievements racing would be making my semi at the 2019 worlds, and being the youngest on team USA to jump “the eliminator” the first jump at bmx zolder.

How long have you been on factory Supercross? What year did you get picked up? (rough estimate)
This is my first year on Factory Supercross

What’s your favorite thing about being a Factory Supercross rider?
My favorite thing about being on the team is the bikes for sure and everyone is really nice!

What’s your current local track?
My home track is Grand Prix Bmx in Perris, Ca

What’s your favorite thing about BMX Racing and Why?
My favorite things about racing would be traveling the world racing different tracks and making new friends and also jumping, I like to push myself to jump bigger and higher then anyone my age.

What are your hobbies outside of racing?
My hobbies outside of racing are going to pump tracks and the dirt jumps

What are some of your goals for your racing career?
My goals for my racing career are to become a world champion, and one day I would like to compete in the olympics.

What are some of your goals outside of BMX Racing?
My goals outside of racing keep doing good in school and get good grades.