Riley House - 17-20x

Full Name:Riley House

Nick Name: Riley INDA House

Hometown: Gilbert AZ

Current #: NAG 13

Age: 17

Class: 17-20x

Height: 5’10


Favorite thing about Supercross:The Family

Years Riding: 10

Riding Crew/Trainer: Dougie Butcher, Broderick Brooks, Ben Martin /Marty Wisehart

Favorite Track: AZ Protrac

Favorite Race:Chula Vista

Best thing about BMX: Hittin’ triples

Worst thing about BMX: Rainstorms on track day

Pet Peeves:Scratched goggles

Hobbies (Besides BMX): Shredding guitar

Favorite Music:Alt / Rock

Favorite Food:Mexican

Favorite Drink:Sweet tea

Guilty Pleasure:Chocolate malted crunch Thrifty ice-cream

Favorite Magazine:Pull

Your Heros:Jesus and Dad

Goals for 2016: Podium, Podium, Podium

Thank You’s: Like to thank Bill and Kim for believing in me and bringing me into the Supercross family. The Carvajal family at LDC, The Hoyler family at Fastsigns Goodyear, Burlin and Bubba Harris at Supercamp, Marty Wisehart at Wisehartpremiumfitness, all my friends and bro’s that push me to be a better rider, my Church for all the prayers!! My parents for…EVERYTHING. I would not be where I am today without you all! God!!


Statement about being on Supercross: It is an honor to ride for a team that makes great products, has great people and has been a positive influence on our sport.




Bike Inspection


Frame (Size and Color): Pro XXL Envy BLK. Red/Silver

Fork: SLT Silver/BLK Carbon

Stem: Racerhead front load

Bars: Supercross Flat HUGE Brakes: Speedline

Seat: Supercross Pivotal

Seat Post: Supercross

Seat Clamp: Speedline

Cranks: Speedline Carbon

Rims: Sun Envy

Hubs: Onyx

Tires: Kenda Konversion

Pedals: Shimano

Grips: ODI Ruffian

Chain Ring: RL Flight