Randy Roberts - 36-40x

Full Name: Randy Roberts


Age: 36


Height: 5’11’’

Favorite thing about Supercross: Bill Ryan, family and bike

Years Riding: 34

Pets: Herby (dog) Bob (giant rabbit)

Pet Peeves: parents that yell at 4 year old kids that are racing

Home Town: NEWHALL

Favorite track: The Oilfields

What do you do when you’re not riding: Working on my cars, motorcycles hanging out with my girl Sylvia. She’s great!

Your Hero: Mom and Dad

Favorite music: Old country and old metal

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Drink: Jamaica, the red Mexican drink

Guilty Pleasure: Peanut m&m’s

Favorite Race: Too many to pick one

Best thing about BMX: People I’ve met

Worst thing about BMX: Pros don’t make the money they deserve

Favorite Magazine: 3Wheeling!!

Dream Car: Trophy truck

Dream Vacation: Gotta go to Africa to get my giraffe!!

Riding Crew: My local crew Mike Day, Alex Anthony, Josh Randall and the SUPERCROSS crew


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