Rachel Mydock - Elite Women

We obviously have the coolest and best looking team and if you don’t think so, stop lying to yourself ;)

Full Name: Rachel Mydock
Nick Name: Hot Salsa or some people call me The Boss
Hometown Glendale, Arizona
Current #:35
Age: 19
Class: Women’s Elite
Height: 5’4”

Favorite thing about Supercross: The family atmosphere and of course the amazing looking product.
Years Riding:11 years
Riding Crew/Trainer: Kim Hayashi, Samantha Brown, Damon Votta, Kaeli Lixandru, and Riley House; and our photographer Trevor Seiler (Lee Photography)
Favorite Track: Chandler BMX
Favorite Race: Winter Nationals
Best thing about BMX: Accomplishing goals and the memories you make
Worst thing about BMX: Losing and crashing
Pet Peeves: Slow drivers and slang words
Hobbies (Besides BMX): Is working and school considered a hobby?
Favorite Music: The new 2015 Justin Bieber
Favorite Food: Chipotle
Favorite Drink: Strawberry Lemonade
Guilty Pleasure: Shirley Temple’s and LOTS of food
Favorite Magazine: PULL or any of those gossip celebrity magazines
Your Hero: Tim Tebow & Kim Hayashi
Goals for 2016: To consistently be in the Elite Women’s main events and keep improving every time I get on the track.

Thank You’s: I would like to thank my parents for everything they do for me, God for keeping me safe, my trainer Kim Hayashi for putting up with me, Bill Ryan for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime, all of our sponsors Supercross BMX, Speedline Components, Fly Racing, Onyx hubs, ODI Grips, Stasis Racing Products, Michram Industries, and Honey Stinger. Trevor Seiler (Lee Photography) for always getting me cool pictures to post, and I’d also like to thank of my friends, family, and teammates who continue to cheer me on!

Bike Inspection

Frame (Size and Color): Pro Envy Blk Black/White/Cyan Blue
Fork: Supercross SLT Carbon
Stem: Speedline Elite Pro Race Stem
Bars: Supercross Lil’ Flatty
Brakes: Speedline Jet fuel
Seat: Speedline
Seat Post: Speedline
Seat Clamp: Speedline
Cranks: Speedline Pro Crank
Rims: Sun Ringle Envy Light