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Tell me about yourself. Who are you? How old are you? What class do you currently race? When did you start racing? How did you start racing? Etc.

Nick Valencia 38 years old and and just over 25 years of racing under my belt. Currently racing 36-40 Expert and Cruiser along with 35+ Men in UCI competitions. Started as a 12 novice and fell in love with the sport and have been happy to stick with it and take my passion internationally.

What are some of your biggest achievements within the sport?

Worlds main events in 17-24 Men would be notable but proudest achievements are being able to run a successful track and introduce hundreds of riders to the sport of BMX.

What’s your current local track?

Currently a nomad BMX’er but consider the USABMX national circuit to be my local track!

What are your hobbies outside of racing?

Cars and cooking for sure.

What are some of your goals for your racing career?

Continue to ride at a somewhat high level and I truly want to make another UCI worlds main before I hang it up!

What is your favorite dessert?


Who is your favorite BMX Rider?

Chris Doyle

Tell us about your favorite race and why?

Would have to be a semi from the 2007 worlds I was sitting 6th into turn 1 and went for a high low with little expectation. Well 2 French guys decided to crash into each other and I saw it coming and timed a perfect bunny hop over one of them and proceeded to make the main. A friend was announcing the race and was going absolutely nuts so it’s a fond memory and one of those that is rare.