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Meet Mikkel Devore

Mikkel Devore is one of our newer additions to the Supercross Factory Roster hailing from Spokane Washington. Mikkel Races in both the 16 expert and 16 cruiser classes. At the age of 7, Mikkel started racing BMX in 2011. A close friend of Mikkel brought him out to a newly built race track nearby. After that first night at the track, Mikkel fell in love and never looked back! 

Since 2011, Mikkel has gone on to generate a pretty impressive track record for himself. Over the years Mikkel has accumulated 11 N.A.G. Plates, multiple 1 District, State, and Gold Cup plates, as well as being the third person ever to get 20,000 points on both bikes within a single season!

One of Mikkel’s favorite aspect of BMX Racing is meeting new people and fostering mutual connections over the passion for BMX Racing. This is why Mikkel has been such a great fit for the Supercross Factory Team as loves the family bond that he has been able to craft with everyone on the team. 

Mikkel has some big goals for the next couple of seasons; These include, receiving a world plate, ROC 1 plate, and making an impact on the sport by helping the next generation of racers through his clinics and passing down of knowledge that he has learned along the way. Mikkel is devoted to the sport and we believe that he is on the right track to checking these achievements off. 

Outside of racing, Mikkel loves to ride Mountain bikes, go to the dirt jumps, and playing football. His current life goal is to stay true to himself while never having any regrets of missing new opportunities.


Frame: PRO XXXL in Shimmer BLACK with HI VIS
Fork: Supercross Elite Pro BLK BMX Race Forks
Stem: Speedline Elite BMX Race Stem, BLACK
Bars: Supercross FLATLINEs, Black
Brakes: Speedline Ultralight Alloy V-Brakes, Black
Seat: KAM LARSEN SIGNATURE saddle, Black
Seat Clamp: Speedline, Black
Cranks: Speedline Elite Hollow Proto-tYPEs
Rims: Speedline Race Carbon Rims in Black
Hubs: Onyx, in Black
Tires: Tioga FastR
Pedals: HT Pedals
Grips: ODI in black
Chain: KMC for Speedline Parts


Tell me about yourself. Who are you? How old are you? What class do you currently race? When did you start racing? How did you start racing? Etc.
My name is Mikkel Devore, I am 16 years old, I race in the 16 cruiser and 16 expert class. I started racing when I was 7 in 2011. I started racing due to one of my dad’s friends son who had been out to the track after it was just built so he took me out there and I instantly fell in love.


What are some of your biggest achievements within the sport?
My personal biggest achievement was making it on Factory Supercross. Although, I have obtained 11 NAG plates, multiple number 1 District, State, and Gold Cup plates, as well as being the third person to ever get 20,000 points on both bikes in one year!


What’s your current local track?
My local track is Spokane Bmx.

How long have you been on factory Supercross? What year did you get picked up? (rough estimate)
I got picked up in 2019 right before grands, so I have been on the team for under a year.


What’s your favorite thing about being a Factory Supercross rider?
My favorite thing about being on supercross is the family like bond all the riders and parents share. Everyone is treated like a family member and we never have dull moments at the races!


What’s your favorite thing about BMX Racing and Why? 
My favorite thing about racing has to be meeting new people and making bonds out of it. It’s so cool to share interests with other people who are all striving for the same thing, such as going to a National to win, or just going out to the track and throw some whips!

 What are your hobbies outside of racing?

Outside of Bmx I ride Mountain bikes, go to the dirt jumps, and play football.


What are some of your goals for your racing career?
The goals I still want to reach would be, getting a World plate, ROC plate, and making a impact on the sport by helping the next generation of racers either by my clinics or just giving back the knowledge I’ve picked up from my years of racing.


What are some of your goals outside of BMX Racing?
My goals outside of Bmx are to be true to my self and live the best life I can. I don’t want to look back on life and have regrets for not trying/attempting new things.