Full Name: Malia Whitehouse

Nick Name: Cheetah Girl

Hometown: Carlsbad, California

Current#: NAG 3, National 24 & Gold Cup West 3

Age: 8

Class: Girls

Height: 4’0”

Favorite thing about Supercross: The bikes, because they are the coolest looking BMX bikes out there.

Years Riding: 4 years

Riding Crew/Trainer: Kaylin Sun, Justin & Maison Duncan, Josh, Jonathan & Jacob McGuigan, Victor & Pete Soto, David Bergquist, KJ Mc Elree, Donovan Young, Bella Hammonds, Gianna Davila, Kerstyn Wenck, Tyler Brown, Nick Long & Alise Post.

Favorite Track: Chula Vista BMX & Perris Grand Prix.

Favorite Race: Phoenix Winter National & Las Vegas Summer National (Pool & bowling time).

Best Thing about BMX: Riding my bike with my friends & getting to visit new places from racing BMX.

Worst thing about BMX: Getting stuck in traffic while driving to the track & crashing.

Pet Peeves: Mean people.

Hobbies (Besides BMX): Downhill MTB, Surfing, Skateboarding & Handball.

Favorite Music: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Go Go’s & Devo.

Favorite Food: Mom’s Pasta

Favorite Drink: Acai Smoothies

Guilty Pleasure: Island’s Chocolate Lava Cake

Favorite Magazine: Star Wars Insider & Surfer Magazine

Your Hero: Alise Post & Rachel Atherton

Goals for 2017: To do my best representing the Supercross family & to have a solid year on the National circuit.

Thank You’s: Mom & Dad for supporting my journey in racing BMX. Bill Ryan and Kim Hayashi at Supercross for allowing me to ride for the best BMX team out there, Jamie at Stasis Racing for always making me and my bike look awesome on the track, John at Vee Tires for the best tires out there, Ian at 100% for all the cool goggles, Matt at Stance socks for making my feet look super cool, Tyler & Kassie at Chula Vista BMX for giving me the best track to ride on, Mike Redman at Grand Prix for all the great words of wisdom, Alise Post for being an awesome role model to me on and off a bike and all the other girls out there racing BMX.

Statement about being on Supercross:

Having the opportunity to be a part of the Supercross Family in 2017 is the biggest highlight in my BMX career. I’ve ridden Supercross bikes all my riding life, so to be asked to be a part of this factory team was a dream come true. I love everything about this team & how much this team is one big happy family.