Full Name: Kimberly Hayashi

NickName: Lil Kim

Career #: 10

Age: 27

Class: Elite Women

Height: 4’ 10”

Favorite thing about Supercross: The people that make up Supercross. Each and every one of my teammates, their families and of course Bill!!

Years Riding: 15 years

Pets: 3 Dogs (Poochie, Puka and Pua)

Pet Peeves: People who drive under the speed limit in the fast lane. I’ve got things to do buddy!!!

Home Town: Chandler, AZ

Favorite Track: 2004 UCI Worlds track Valkenswaard, Netherlands

What do you do when you’re not riding: Sit in a chair and learn about teeth; sit in a chair and comprehend what I learned about teeth; lift a few weights here and there; tell kids what to do to get faster on a bike; serve people wine and when I get the time, hang out with my family and friends.

Your Hero: Tara Llanes. She’s an inspiration to any athlete. She reminded me of all the reasons why I raced BMX when I had lost sight of them and she’s one of the strongest women I’ve ever met. She also reminds me that even though I get older, I can still be a big kid.

Favorite Music: Country and Hip-Hop, well actually I listen to everything.

Favorite Food: Oh man, I LOVE FOOD!! It’s rare that I ever say I don’t like something.

Favorite Drink: H2O

Guilty Pleasure: Desserts

Favorite Race: UCI Worlds

Best thing about BMX: Jumping. Love the feel of flying through the air.

Worst thing about BMX: Crashing. I’ve done a whole lot of that so I should know.

Favorite Magazine: Women’s Health

5 Websites you visit every day: School website, textbook website, Hulu, Netflix and Facebook.

Dream Car: Audi R8

Dream Vacation: Travelling all over Europe for a year

Riding Crew: Rachel Mydock and Lexa Jones