Love being with this family

Full Name: Katin Myles Mitchell
Nick Name:
Hometown: Kapolei, Hawaii
Current #:16
Age: 12, (13 at grands)
Class: 12 expert
Height: 5’0”

Favorite thing about Supercross: The fam
Years Riding: 7 years
Riding Crew/Trainer: My bros
Favorite Track: Grand Prix Bmx
Favorite Race: All the races are fun
Best thing about BMX: Spending time with friends
Worst thing about BMX: Dirty riders
Pet Peeves: People that brag
Hobbies (Besides BMX): Surfing
Favorite Music: All
Favorite Food: BBQ chicken
Favorite Drink: Fruit punch
Guilty Pleasure: Frappuccino
Favorite Magazine: PULL
Your Hero: My parents
Goals for 2016: To make nag
Thank You’s: My sponsors and Bill Ryan/Kim Hayashi


Bike Inspection

Frame (Size and Color): Envy v5 Expert XXL (black)
Fork: Speedline
Stem: Supercross
Bars: Supercross
Brakes: Speedline
Seat: Speedline
Seat Post: Speedline
Seat Clamp: Speedline
Cranks: Speedline
Rims: Alienation
Hubs: Onyx
Tires: Maxxis
Pedals: Times
Grips: Odi
Chain Ring:
Number Plate: Stasis