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Tell me about yourself. Who are you? How old are you? What class do you currently race? When did you start racing? How did you start racing? Etc.

Josh White, 15 expert when I was 5 and competitively around 7 and my parent saw some thing on Facebook and asked if me and my brother wanted to try.

What are some of your biggest achievements within the sport?

Winning Grands and Winning ROC

What’s your current local track?

Interstate BMX

What are your hobbies outside of racing?


What are some of your goals for your racing career?

Podium at world championships this year

What is your favorite dessert?

Chocolate Strawberries

Who is your favorite BMX Rider?

Izacc Kennedy

Tell us about your favorite race and why?

Grands 2023 because of course I won but is also such a great time seeing all my teammates and being able to race my first nag 5 challenge which was so fun