As cliche as it sounds, riding for Supercross is a dream come true. I have always thought they had the best looking kits, bikes, and parts. I am excited to represent Supercross for 2016 and beyond!

Full Name: Corey Salas
Nick Name:
Hometown: Simi Valley, Ca
Current #: NAG 6
Age: 21
Class: 19-27 Expert
Height: 5’10

Favorite thing about Supercross: The Bike, Image, and Family
Years Riding: 16
Riding Crew/Trainer: Derek Phipps, Brock Arndt, Matt Rubeck
Favorite Track: Sycamore BMX
Favorite Race: Vegas
Best thing about BMX: Setting goals and working hard to accomplish them
Worst thing about BMX: Politics
Pet Peeves:
Hobbies (Besides BMX): Snowboarding, Lifting weights, Fishing
Favorite Music: Rap/Hip Hop, Rock
Favorite Food: Mexican Food
Favorite Drink: Amino Energy
Guilty Pleasure: Cold Stone
Favorite Magazine: Pull, Transworld Snow
Your Hero:
Goals for 2016: Nag 1

Thank You’s: Bill Ryan and Kim Hayashi for giving me the opportunity to represent Supercross, my parents and girlfriend for always supporting me, Nick Smith and all of my training partners. Lastly, all of the team’s co sponsors for providing us the best product available: Speedline Parts, Fly Racing, Onyx Hubs, ODI grips, Honey Stinger, Michram Industries, Stasis. Thank you all.

Bike Inspection

Frame (Size and Color): Pro XXL Envy BLK. Red/Silver
Fork: SLT BLK Carbon
Stem: Racerhead front load
Bars: Flatline
Brakes: Speedline
Seat: Supercross Pivotal
Seat Post: Supercross
Seat Clamp: Speedline
Cranks: Speedline
Rims: Alienation
Hubs: Onyx
Tires: Tioga
Pedals: Speedline Road Pedals
Grips: ODI AG-1
Chain Ring: Michram Industries
Number Plate: Stasis Racing Products