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Meet Cam Bramer

Cameron Bramer, the new guy, is one of our most recent additions to the Supercross Factory team. Cameron started racing BMX at the age of 9 after discovering his dad’s old racing trophies in the basement. His father asked Cam if he wanted to check out the track, the rest is history from there!

Cameron is an extremely talented racer who progressed quickly within the last few years. Cam has gone on to participate in the 2019 Pan American Games and the 2017 World Championships in Rockhill where he received a w2 plate in the cruiser class. Other results include a N.A.G. 1 plate in both the 17-20 Cruiser class and expert class. He’s also very consistent too receiving N.A.G. 8 or better for the past 3 years.

Cam loves the environment of racing events. The energy, the people, the racing, it all gets him going. Cam is also a first straight enthusiast and man does he have a gate to first jump! His Envy BLK 2 gives him all the responsiveness he needs to transfer that leg power into a quick gate to first turn. Cam also loves his Speedline products! He mentions that things can get pretty hectic in the 17-20x class, however, all of his Supercross and Speedline parts have held up with no issues. This is something that he can’t say about some of the products he’s ridden in the past.

Looking forward to next season, Cam is teetering between turning pro or giving amateur racing another shot. His biggest goal at the moment is to take home the national number 1 plate for both bikes. It’s a tall order but we believe Cam with his incredible first straight pull can get the job done.


Frame: Vision F1 PRO XL in Rocket Red
Fork: Supercross Elite Pro BLK BMX Race Forks
Stem: Speedline Elite BMX Race Stem, BLACK
Bars: Supercross FLATLINEs, Black
Brakes: Speedline Ultralight Alloy V-Brakes, Black
Seat: KAM LARSEN SIGNATURE saddle, Black
Seat Clamp: Speedline, Black
Cranks: Speedline Elite Hollow Proto-tYPEs
Rims: Speedline Race Carbon Rims in Black
Hubs: Onyx, in Black
Tires: Tioga FastR
Pedals: HT Pedals
Grips: ODI in black
Chain: KMC for Speedline Parts


Who are you? Tell me about yourself.
I started racing when I was about 9 years old. I had been playing around at home in my basement and came across my dad’s old trophy’s. He told us all about when he used to race BMX and asked if we wanted to check out the track. It was all history from there. 

 What’s your favorite thing about bmx racing? Why do you like it?
I like the environment—the energy, the people, the racing and how crazy and intense things can get as well with the reward at the end of a race. It’s a great vibe and feeling. First straights are my thing. Love doing them and just messing around, being silly and making people smile and laugh.

What do you like the most about riding for factory supercross?
The people, the products and the vibe. I really feel at home here. It’s an all-around great team. The products are amazing and super comfortable—frames, forks, cranks everything feels really good to ride. If you see me ride or a few 17-20X races, it can get pretty wicked with lots of crashes. On past teams, I’ve broken so many components that had to be replaced. I have yet to break anything on my Supercross (fingers crossed). Bill is one of the kindest and smartest guys in the business. He’s a great dude and everyone on the team is pretty awesome too.

What are some of your biggest achievements within the sport?
Probably the biggest achievement so far was the opportunity race the 2019 Pan American Games. Racing on an elite pre-Olympic platform like that was an amazing experience. Other achievements include racing the 2017 USA BMX World Championship hosted in Rock Hill, SC—I raced 16 Cruiser and finished World #2. The temperature was scorching hot and we had to run our semi’s twice due to a protest. During the main event, I led the main lap all the way around the track to the last turn where another rider came into the turn hot behind me, crashing a few riders and hitting my back tire. A Columbian rider, who had been in the back of the pack, was able to avoid the crash and after getting back on the pedals, I drag raced him down the last straight for a photo finish result. I missed the World #1 title by a hair but will never forget that race. World #2 is pretty cool too. Haha! In my 16X class, I led my semi into the first turn when my tire blew out and went home with a few broken bones and stitches LOL! Regardless, I had a blast racing Worlds and meeting so many new friends and riders from all different countries. I qualified again this year for the 2020 USA BMX World Championship in Houston but it got cancelled due to COVID. I may give it a shot again next year or turn pro. I also loved racing the Jr. Men class with many podiums last year. Other amateur titles and rankings include NAG 1 in 17-20 Cruiser in 2018 and on 20”, I’ve ranged NAG 8 for the past three years in a row. I’m thinking 888 may be my pro number.

What’s your local track?
South Park BMX. Best track ever!

What are your hobbies outside of bmx racing?
I’m always hanging out with my friends and some of my high school homies. We’re always doing something active. When COVID is over, I’ll be back on the courts playing pickleball and of course video games. 

What are some of your goals for the future? (Bmx goals, life goals, or even academic goals)
I had the option to go pro or stay amateur this year. Given COVID and no UCI racing, I’m glad I stayed amateur and got to race a lot more. My biggest goal is National #1 on both bikes. It’s the mother of all amateur goals.

 My ultimate BMX goal for 2020 is National #1 on both bikes. I’m also really looking forward to racing the NAG 5 challenge this year. Long-term my eyes are set on the PRO class and being the best racer possible. Academically I want to keep learning and taking on-line courses and working on the side to learn different trades. My life goals include bettering myself in any way possible and enjoying life to the end.