Elite Men - Anthony Dean
Career #44
Nick Name - Deano
Instagram - @adean144

For those of you who don't know who Anthony Dean is, we have to ask, where have you been??? You know the guy who won the 2016 USA BMX Grands, won every lap at the Olympics until the main, the guy who was standing on top of the Podium in Salt Lake last year, the guy who shreds the track with style, while pulling everyone down the first straight. Yea, that guy.

Well if you hadn't paid attention, we suggest you do, as Anthony is going to go down in history as one of the greatest of all time, mark our words, you will be seeing Anthony and his ENVY BLK on top of the podium more often than not. 

 2016 Olympian - Anthony Dean - Supercross BMX Elite Men

A few Questions with Anthony -
Any Superstition's?

Put my racing goggles on right before I walk into the gate.
Favorite food?
Beef BBQ Ribs
Favorite vacation spot?
California, United States
Favorite music?
The Game - Hip Hop
We know you like to go fast, whats your dream car?
Mclaren P1
Personal Motto
I would spend my last $10 on
A book on how to survive with no money
Any Tattoos/Piercings
Too Many tattoos to list. All my tattoos are connected to each other and have a meaning of Family, sport and chasing my dreams.
If I could try another Olympic sport it would be
Most Inspiring Olympic Performance?
Usain Bolt 2012
Most Influential person in your career/life
Sam Willoughby
Why BMX?
Is that really a question?? I have grown up loving it