Bella Hammonds - Supercross BMX - Rider Profile Pic


Being a part of the Factory Supercross Team is really a dream come true. This is the bike that I was a fan of before I even got to ride it, and the team I was a fan of before I got the chance to be apart of it. I hope to be known as a stylish rider with great bike skills, so I am always practicing with that in mind because I'd like to make my bike look as good as it makes me look!



Full Name: Annabella Elaine Hammonds

Nick Name: Bella. I'm also known to go by: Bellarina, DJ BELLA, BBQQ, & The Intimidator.

Hometown Apple Valley, California

Current #: NAG 8, NATIONAL 90, State 2

Age: 11

Class: 11 Girl

Height: 4' 4"

Favorite thing about Supercross: The family. My team is the best. I love the bikes too, prettiest bikes in BMX!

Years Riding: 3 1/2

Riding Crew/Trainer: My coach is Jeremy Rommel, I ride with him 2-3 times a week. At my home track (Apple Valley BMX) I have a bunch of riding friends: Ava H., Kuylee P., Rah-Rah R., Stephan V., Nate R., Brandon C., Hunter T., Wyatt S. and when he visits, my teammate Justin Seitz. I love riding with my little friends, too - Colbie, Ellie & Emry, they are pretty fast!

Favorite Track: Apple Valley BMX Moto Park. I also love to ride at Grand Prix in Perris. 

Favorite Race: Any race that my team and friends are at. Grands was so fun because everyone was there!

Best thing about BMX: Riding my bike.

Worst thing about BMX: Crashing, and not being able to ride when it rains.

Pet Peeves: Nothing really... except maybe when people call me Annabel or Isabella, it's Annabella or Bella, people! :)

Hobbies (Besides BMX): I don't understand this question... just kidding -playing with my friends, playing on my computer.

Favorite Music: Anything fun! 

Favorite Food: Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, & JIMMY JOHNS!!!

Favorite Drink: Lemonade, Rootbeer

Guilty Pleasure: Candy... I don't feel that guilty about it though.

Favorite Magazine: Pull!!

Your Hero: My dad, he's a fireman and works hard for our family & my mom because she does so much for me.

Goals for 2016: This year I plan on being on the podium at Grands. I want to finish in the Top 5.

Thank You’s: Thank you to my family, my Mom, Dad and Brother, Grandparents Motorcycle & Doggie, and my Auntie & Uncle for always loving and supporting me. Bill Ryan & Kim Hayashi for believing in me, and doing so much for me. My coach and friend Jeremy Rommel, for making me work hard - I love it!. I have to also thank the girls in BMX that inspire me and root for me, Anna Johnson,  Rachel Mydock & Dani George. Last but definitely not least, thank you to all the track friends that give me a great place to practice and ride especially Adrian Perez, Jacob Shearer, and all of my SWAT & JSR friends.



Frame (Size and Color): Supercross Envy V5, Expert. Black with Florescent Pink Stasis Graphics Kit

Fork: Speedline Mini / Jr. Carbon Fiber BMX Race Forks, Black

Stem: Speedline Mini Elite BMX Race Stem, Jet Fuel

Bars: Supercross LT-A Expert XL Alloy Bars, Black

Brakes: Speedline Ultralight Alloy V-Brakes, Jet Fuel

Seat: Speedline Mini unit saddle, Black

Seat Post: n/a

Seat Clamp: Speedline, Black

Cranks: Speedline Mini, Black

Rims: Speedline Race Carbon Rims in Florescent Pink

Hubs: Onyx, in Florescent Pink and Black

Tires: Maxxis DTH, 1 1/8 "

Pedals: Speedline Carbon Road Pedals

Grips: ODI Ruffian, Hot Pink

Chain Ring: Michram Industries Carbon Fiber Chain Ring