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Supercross BMX | SX450 and SX250 Retro BMX Racing Pad Set

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Hard to believe that the BMX Padset used to be such a personal touch on your race bike. The Factory riders had Factory Pads, seemed like everyone else always had a plain colored pad.

We made a limited run of Supercross BMX pads back in 92' or 93' who can remember, we made 200 Black, 25 Cyan Blue and 25 Red. Well now almost 30 years later we are having Flite duplicate that run. And adding in a few of the always sought after, but only made  for team riders White.

If you have one of our old Supercross BMX frames and have been looking for Supercross BMX Pads ( I saw a set on Ebay the other day for $800 WTF? ) or got one of our new SX450 frames, or you are waiting on the new SX250 to be released, we have a limited run of pads for you.

Great for a clean look or for getting creative on your own.

Supercross BMX SX250 and SX450 Chromoly frame fit.  

Made in the USA by Flite BMX. With the original films. Just as it was done 30 years ago.

Comes with:

9" Handlebar Pad

12" Frame Pad

15" Long stem pad