Supercross BMX | Pro Pivotal Slim BMX Racing Saddle

$ 39.95

Add some flair to your bike with one of our Pro Pivotal Slim Saddles. Our saddles use a plastic base with a nice padded cover, available in a wide range of different colors and designs. Pivotal technology makes the seat easy to adjust with a 6mm Allen wrench. Sit in style with a Supercross Pro Pivotal Slim Saddle.

Supercross BMX | E-Line Plastic Pivotal BMX Racing Saddle

$ 27.95

On the track, you want to save as much weight as possible. This is why we make the E-Line Plastic Pivotal Saddle. The E-LIne Saddle is smaller in size than our Pro Slim Pivotal, and is made entirely of plastic with no padding. The seat easily adjusts with a 6mm Allen wrench. This is the perfect light-weight saddle for both...

Supercross Pro Race Railed Saddle

$ 39.95

Railed saddles have been the traditional seat in BMX since the birth of the sport, and they still live on today through the Supercross Pro Race Railed Saddle. The Supercross Pro Race Railed Saddle features a plastic base, 8mm Cro-Mo rails, generous padding, and Kevlar corners. We also offer a wide variety of colors to choose from to match your...