Supercross BMX ENVY v5 BMX Race Frame

$ 649.90 $ 549.95

Progression is what drives us. Every time we build a frame, we are constantly looking at it and analysing it to try to make it better. So say we should leave good enough alone. But that is not the Supercross way. We live to push it to the cutting edge. The best materials, the best welding procedures, we specify our...

Supercross ENVY Sport - BMX Race Frame

$ 359.95

For close to a decade, the Supercross ENVY has been leading the way in BMX Technology In 2007, It was the first production aluminum BMX race frame to go SUB - 3lbs, and the technology and refinements have carried on ever since. The Supercross ENVY has been the frame that everyone has wanted, but its limited production and use of...


Supercross BMX | ENVY v3 BMX Race Frame

$ 549.95 $ 249.95

Starting a New Game of Follow the Leader The ENVY v3. The Bar has just been raised – Again. Every year, we take input from our Factory Race Team as well as riders around the world. We listen to the feed back, we watch tons and tons of race video’s and analyze what we can do to take our current...


Supercross BMX BLUR Race Frame

$ 349.95 $ 199.95

The BLUR is back and better than ever. Don’t let the price fool you, the Supercross BLUR BMX Race Frame no budget machine. It features Full CNC’d 3d Dropouts, CNC Machined Campy Style Integrated Headtube, CNC’d BB Shells that are threaded after welding and heat treating to ensure a proper bottom bracket alignment every time, custom formed and shaped, chainstays,...


Supercross BMX | SX450z - 25th Year Anniversary Race Frame

Sold Out

A Modern Classic you can Race today!! SOLD OUT - THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ARE THE LIMITED OWNERS You have to know your history , and pay respect to your roots. BMX started decades ago on modified Schwinn Sting -Rays® which were hi tensile steel, brazed and mig welded. Basically death traps by today’s standards. A few BMX dads...