Speedline Parts | Pro Carbon Fiber 20mm BMX Race Fork

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Not all Carbon is created Equal. Some people think that Carbon is Carbon, but as with all things there are different qualities of products.

At Speedline we pride ourselves on working with only the highest grade carbon fiber suppliers to ensure that the Carbon Material and the Resin are only the highest quality and strength. After selecting the finest carbons and resins, each Speedline Fork is hand wrapped and layered to ensure the proper layup for maximum strength and minimal weight. The Pro Speedline 20mm Carbon Fiber Fork uses a special High Compactation EPS molding process which means a more consistent product with a denser material so there are less voids and the resulting fork is lighter, stronger and longer lasting.

After selecting the finest materials and processes, we did a full FEA examination of the fork to optimize the shape for maximum strength and minimal weight.

The result is a Speedline 20mm Carbon Fiber Pro Fork that weighs in at a scant 555 grams. It is a 1 1 /8" steertube ( 175mm long ) and comes with a threaded top cap and the Speedline Pro adapters to run 9mm axle hubs or 20mm axle hubs on the same fork.

Available in Black ( clear gloss over carbon ) or a special Limited Edition White.

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