Supercross BMX | Supercross Shine - 4x Hardtail Race Frame

$ 649.95

The Supercross Shine 4x Race Frame The Supercross Shine 4x Race Frame is a full seamless Easton Custom Butted and Custom Shaped Ultra Light Race Tubed Aluminum race frame that is welded in fixture, aligned, aged to a T-4, checked for alignment and then continue aged to a T-6 hardness. The Shine uses a new 4x specific Geometry that blends...

Supercross BMX | The ENVY Rs7 24" Cruiser

$ 649.95

Its evolutionary, not revolutionary - The Supercross ENVY RS7 10 years ago we created the first BMX Superframe, the Supercross S7, it was developed as the Ultimate BMX Race frame, and it proved to be just that. It was Ultra Light, Incredibly Responsive, Super Strong, and expensive. But it proved the theory that you can build a sub 3lb Aluminum...


Supercross Propel - 26" Short Travel Full Suspension

$ 1,395.95 $ 695.95

The Supercross Propel The Supercross Propel is our 4X/ Dual Slalom Full Suspension Frame. It has 3.75" of rear wheel Travel, uses an EASTON ULR Ultra Light Race Tubeset, Campy Integrated 1 1/8" headtube, ISCG 05 Tabs, and Adjustable Rear Dropouts. The Supercross Propel is available in either Long or Short and in a few different color combinations. The Supercross...

Supercross Shine 26" 135x9 Dropouts

$ 44.99

These are 135x9 replacement dropouts for the Supercross Shine 26" 4X frame.

Supercross Shine 26" 142x12 Dropouts

$ 44.99

These are 142x12 replaceable dropouts for the Supercross Shine 26" 4x Frame.

Supercross Shine 26" BMX Dropouts

Sold Out

These are replaceable BMX dropouts for our Supercross Shine 26" 4X Frame.