November 22, 2017

Supercross BMX - ENVY BLK Carbon Fiber BMX Race Frame - Expert XXL

We have always strived to offer the most sizes possible to cover every size of BMX rider, and with our Carbon Fiber ENVY BLK line, that is no different. It is just a bit harder to offer all the sizes as it isn't as easy as cutting a piece of tubing and dropping it in a fixture, welding it up, and go. With the Carbon Fiber frames, the molds are complicated, expensive and take months to CNC machine out to do it right.  Luckily we have our geometry pretty dialed over the last 25 years, so there is no trial and error there. Well today, at the 2017 USA BMX Grand Nationals, the #greatestraceonearth, we are debuting the first of a few new carbon fiber sizes.  So let us introduce you to the new Supercross BMX ENVY BLK, Expert XXL.

The first team rider to get a brand new ENVY BLK Expert XXL and debut it at the USA BMX Grands is Annabella Hammonds.  Bella is no stranger to riding Prototype and new parts, you may remember she was the very first rider to get the Supercross ENVY BLK expert size frame a few years ago. Bella's new ENVY BLK is obviously a custom Hot Pink for her, as she had been known as the #Girlwiththepinkrims is now known as the girl that shreds around the track on the Pink Carbon Envy BLK.

And of course it is set up with the full factory build. One off, Supercross Expert Carbon Fiber Forks, Speedline Parts 451 Carbon Rims, Onyx Hubs, Titanium Spokes, Speedline Carbon Fiber Cranks, ODI Lock on Grips, KMC / Speedline Hollow Pin chain, you know the works, just as a Factory bike should be.

Bella Hammonds holding Team Mate Wyatt Worth's new Supercross BMX ENVY BLK Carbon Fiber Expert XXL

And of course, Bella, isn't stingy, and whats her team mates to be decked out as well, so she is holding on to her Team Mate 10x Wyatt Worths, new Expert XXL ENVY BLK until he gets to Grands so they can both show them off to the world. And after earning his w6 plate at the UCI worlds this year, we stepped Wyatt up to a custom painted one off frame as well. He wanted to keep the Hi Vis Yellow of his current bike, but added in some digital camo to get it ready for Battle.

For those of you wondering, the Supercross BMX ENVY BLK Expert XXL is the same geometry as the Supercross BMX ENVY RS7 Aluminum Superframe Expert XXL. 21" top tube, and 14" rear end. So you have plenty of room out front and a nice short rear end for quick starts and easy manualling. The same world famous geometry since we introduced the Expert XXL 13 years ago.

Be sure if you are at the USA BMX Grands to stop by the Supercross BMX pits and check out the new Expert XXL Carbon Fiber ENVY BLK yourself and get your order in with your Favorite Supercross BMX dealer today.

Bella Hammonds on her new Supercross BMX ENVY BLK Carbon Fiber BMX Race Frame