Rider Spotlight: PJ O’Brien

May 05, 2021 3 min read

Rider Spotlight: PJ O’Brien

Written by Jonnie Vance

PJ O’Brien is one of the many new faces within the Supercross pit for 2021. While PJ may be new to the Supercross team, he is no stranger to the top step of the podium. Only a few months into 2021 and PJ has already strung together 6 national wins. These wins haven’t come easy as PJ is duking it out in one of the most heated amateur rivalries of this year! Now that he’s aged up into the 16 expert class, the racing should be just as hot as PJ sets his sights on the NAG 1 16X plate.

We thought now would be a great time to check in with PJ and ask him a few questions about the season. Of course we had to take some time to spotlight his super sleek steed as well! Continue reading to get the full scoop.


SupercrossBMX: How are things going for you at the moment? Any thoughts on the season thus far?

PJ: My season has been going great so far. I’ve gotten 6 wins and 3 seconds which I feel are good scores this early into the year. Looking to continue on this path. 

SupercrossBMX: There’s a lot of buzz centered around you as it seems there’s a bit of a rivalry emerging between you and another rider. What are your thoughts on this rivalry? Has it fueled your fire during the week or are you not paying it too much mind?

PJ: I love the rivalry, it makes the racing more interesting. It doesn’t really mess with me or take me out of my game. I’m just thoroughly enjoying the competition and keeping racing fun!

SupercrossBMX: What can we expect to see from you for the remainder of the season? 

PJ: I’d love to keep winning and getting good scores. I’d also like to continue traveling to new tracks and states to keep it fun for me.

SupercrossBMX: What do you think about your new Supercross ride now that you’ve had some time to adjust to the new bike and team?

PJ: I love the bike and the team as well. This bike suits me well because it’s the stiffest one I’ve ever ridden. I actually used to ride Supercross bikes before I was ever on this team. I’ve ridden them for about 7 years now so I’ve really grown to love these bikes.

Supercross: Seems like the Donkey Kong nickname is starting to stick! What are you’re thoughts on the new title? Are you starting to own the Donkey Kong Identity?

PJ: I don’t mind the nickname as I find it to be pretty funny. I’m always eating bananas during the race day so it definitely fits. I normally eat one before every race. 

Bike Check 

Full Parts List:

Frame: ENVY BLK 2 Pro XXXL (Gun Metal Grey/ Red)

Fork: BLK Carbon Fork (Gun Metal Grey/ Red)

Handlebars: Supercross MASSIVE BMX Race Bar

Front Hub: Onyx Helix 20mm 

Rims: Speedline Slasher Carbon Rim 

Front Tires: Tioga FASTR BLK LBL 20 x 1.85

Headset: Speedline Tapered Headset

Stem: Speedline Slant Stem (48mm)

Spacers: Speedline Alloy Headset Spacers

Pedals: HT X2-SX 

Cranks: Speedline Elite Hollow Pro Crank (175mm)

Chainring: Profile (44T) 

Chain: SRAM PC 830

Brakes: Speedline Ultra Light Alloy V-Brakes

Brake Pads: Avian Carbon Brake Pads 

Seat: Pro Pivotal Slim (Diamond Tuck) 

Seat Clamp: Speedline Quick Release

Rear Hub: Onyx Ultra SS 

Cog: BMX Ultra SS Driver Stainless Steel (16T)

Chain Tensioners: Speedline CNC Chain Tensioner

Rear Tire: Maxxis DTH 20 x 1.75

Grips: Box ONE Grips

Brake Lever: Speedline Elite Brake Lever

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