January 11, 2016 6 min read

Seems like only yesterday we were at the 2015 USA BMX Grand Nationals celebrating the end of 2015. Fast forward 6 weeks and BAM!!, here we are at the 2016 USA BMX Amateur Season opener!! Or as some call it #v1!! It's Vegas!!!!

Typically Vegas is known for it's short track courses and this year was no different, but was different this year is that the track really seemed to have good flow compared to past years.

Headed into this race we had some team additions to the Supercross Family, and while not everyone was able to attend, you did get to see 2 new faces rock the Supercross Colors in Vegas, please help us welcome none other than Riley House and Justin Seitz to the team!!

For the Season Opener, everyone was excited, Randy Roberts, who has been with the Supercross BMX Family for 15 years this year was no exception, he couldn't wait to get to Vegas and as our oldest rider and ended up putting on a show for everyone in 36-40 cruiser and 36x taking the second on Saturday in Cruiser and a 4th in class, all while on his Speedline Flats and Vans shoes while the rest of his class was on clips! Then on Sunday he decided to be a bit more serious and stop doing X-ups over the doubles and took a second in 36x!! The Bulldozer lives!!!!

Next on down the line was our 19x Corey Salas!! If you have not seen Corey ride, you are missing out, the kid flat rips!!! And not only that he is one of the nicest guys you will meet, on Saturday Corey had his whole family out with him and was flying lap after lap, well in his class Semi, he hit the double into the second turn at warp 12 speed, and had a clean line going low and the turn decided that it didn't want to put up with the abuse and decided to let Corey take a little slide in to the rest of the pack and took half of it out. But Corey didn't let it get him down, he came off the track with his usual smile and said, hey it happens, and went out and killed his open taking the win, and then on Sunday decided it was time for some redemption and doubled up the day with wins in Class and Open. Keep your eyes on Corey, he is a man on a mission and does it all with a smile.

As we continue down the age classes, we hit 16x, and who else but the Pocket Puckett, Ryan Puckett could make the Supercross colors look so good. Ryan's riding style is amazing, the kid just has so much talent, and is a heck of a bowler too. On Saturday Ryan did double duty, taking a pair of seconds, behind the USA BMX National #1 Kevin Pauls. watching those two race is one of the most exciting things as not only are they great competitors but great friends. And Ryan was putting the moves on Kevin, the action got the entire stands on their feet cheering. On Sunday Ryan skipped open to get a little extra sleep after the Supercross Pizza party Saturday night and battled with the Haro duo of Pauls and Finch taking the third for the day. Trust us when we tell you that you will be wanting to watch this class as the season heats up, as it is going to be one of the most exciting battles to watch this year.

Now while we are speaking of exciting battles, Anna Johnson is on fire!! Just as Ryan has to battle with NAtional #1 Kevin Pauls, Anna has to battle with National #1 Olivia Armstrong. On Saturday Anna took a second to Olivia, in one of the best cruiser battles of the day, and followed it up with a 3rd in 15/16 girl. Well I don't know what it was that fired Anna up, but on Sunday Anna came back with a vengeance, I don't know if it was the Grimaldi's Pizza, or the Chocolate Mouse Cake from Saturday night, or if she just wanted to show the world that she is taking the title this year, but on Sunday morning she shot out of the gate like a rocket and never looked back, put a check in the win column for Anna for Sunday's Cruiser along with another 3rd in 15/16 girl.

Next up was the New Guy, Riley House in 15x. were not sure if Riley knew what to expect with joining the Supercross BMX Family, and he jsut got his new Supercross ENVY BLK put together the day before the race, so his first lap on it was Fridays practice. But  you would never tell that he had never ridden it before while he was picking up a pair of thirds for the weekend in 15x. Wait till he gets used to it and gets his whip back, watch for Riley to be turning heads all year long in the 15x class.

In 14x, Gavin Bowers has always had a tough time in Vegas as that dirt just seems to jump up and grab him. Well Saturday he beat that Vegas tradition by picking up a 4th in 14x behind Full Tilt / Supercross rider Derek Phipps. But on Sunday it seems the Vegas dirt was on the attack and while he avoided it for a 3rd in 13/14 open it bit him in qualifying and kept him out of the 14x main on Sunday. Gavin was all smiles though and told us to wait, he is going for th NAG 1 title this year. This lion is hungry he said.

The Mitchell boys came over to the mainland from Hawaii for Christmas and decided to stick around to race the season opener in Vegas, In 13x Tristan was showing off the fact that he still has the skills!! Taking a sweet second on Saturday behind Full Tilt/Supercross' Patrick Coo and ahead of Full Tilt / Supercross' Jack Kelly, the Podium was full of Supercross' and on Sunday Tristan came back and made another 13x main and placed just off the podium with a 4th. Tristans' results don't tell you the full story of how smooth this kid is! Every time he was on the track he put on a show for the fans!!!

Now not to be out done by their older brother, Katin and Kyle were putting on a show in 12x and Open, on Saturday both Katin and Kyle made the open main with Katin taking the 4th and Kyle taking the 7th, followed up in 12x with Katin getting put over the third turn in his Semi and Kyle making the 12x main, that night at the Pizza party, the Mini Ninjas were in full form having fun sliding around the casino lobby in thier socks and having a great time,  Sunday morning rolled around and the 12x finishes were swapped with Kyle just missing the 12x main with a crash in the semi and Katin made the 12x main.

Next up in 11x was the "other" new guy, Justin Sietz, Justin's first lap on his Supercross Envy BLK was Saturday morning practice and it was also his first race going to the 1.5 wheels, so it was a big adjustment, every lap we were swapping out spacers under the stem, and adjusting the bars to perfect the fit. Justin barely missed the main on Saturday , but powered back and started Sunday off wining his moto, followed up by with a win in hsi quarter and moved on to the main taking 7th in the highest rider count class of the day!!

Now I don't know if Gavin's Vegas Dirt Curse was contagious or not but Little Bella Hammonds, ended up taking some of the worst crashes we have seen her have in a while in that second turn in her opens. She made the main and was making moves, but that second turn kept grabbing her both days in the Open Main. In Class, Bella showed her usual determination and took a 6th on Saturday and came back and fought hard for a well deserved third on Sunday to end the weekend on a high note!

Now one rider we haven't mentioned this weekend yet is none other than Hot Salsa! Rachel Mydock. Now you may be thinking, why would you mention Rachel, it wasn't a pro race, it was the USA BMX Amateur Season opener, and you are right, but they did have A Pro and Rachel decided to come out just like last year and bang bars with the boys! Rachel and Samantha Brown were the only girls to race A Pro and they put on a great show and had the crowd cheering for them every lap!! Rachel coming out to support the team and the fans, shows her true love for BMX, not to mention the fact that I think she made a few boys cry with the moves she was putting on them in the turns.

Well the saying of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas doesn't apply here as we jsut shared it with you, up next is the USA BMX Sooner Nationals Jan 21st, so until then thanks to all our co-sponsors who help our family running - FLY Racing for the best BMX racing Gear, ODI Grips , Onyx Hubs, Speedline Parts, Honey Stinger Energy, Stasis Racing.

Check out some great shots of the team from BMXnews.com.

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