Simon Duchene - Elite Men - France

Simon Duchene

Holding the Supercross fort down for Europe, we have Simon from France. Simon possesses that incredible French skill set which makes him fun to watch and a tough competitor at the Euro rounds and the world cups. Just like a handful of other Supercross factory riders, Simon is going after the world cups this year and has so far seen great success. Supercross backs the frenchman completely as he too embarks on his journey to Rio.

About Simon

Full Name: Simon Duchene
NickName: Sim"ON"
Career #: 204
Class: Elite Men

Height: 5’9”
Favorite thing about Supercross: all parts!! but i really love the frame!
Years Riding: 19
Pets: Cat named "chipie"!
Pet Peeves: Spiders!
Home Town: Aix en Provence, south of France
Favorite Track: Chula SX but i don't ride yet the supercross play ground!!
What do you do when you’re not riding: play video games, and take a lot of Photos!
Favorite Music:  the naked and famous, young blood
Favorite Food: lasagna!
Favorite Drink: water... And all sodas!
Guilty Pleasure: eat a lot of candy!
Favorite Race: London pre Olympic race!
Best thing about BMX: RedBull R.evolution race in Berlin!
Worst thing about BMX: Some injuries time..
Favorite Magazine: Art BMX and BMX Racer
Dream Car: A yellow chevrolet Camaro!
Dream Vacation: an island alone with my girl friend ;)
Riding Crew: French team and friends!
Tell us a favorite Road Trip Story:
London trip.. just to tell that i was driving a lot of time in wrong way!

Bike Inspection

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