peter little



Although coming from the land of kangaroos and boomerangs, Peter is far from being a savage animal. He in fact is one of the kindest kids around. Peter currently races in the Jr. Men's class and is working hard so that when he steps to the Elite class, he is ready.


About Peter

Full Name: Peter Little
NickName: Some call me Petey
Career #: 196
Age: 17
Height: 175cm
Class: Jr Elite Men

Favorite thing about Supercross: The awesome gear and amazing bikes
Years Riding: 12.5
Pets: Miniature Poodle (Rusty), Mini foxy (Troy or Dobby), Cockatoo (Cocky)
Pet Peeves: When dogs don't stop barking
Home Town: Proserpine, QLD
Favorite Track: Can't go past Shepparton, Vic or Brisbane SX, QLD
What do you do when you’re not riding: Currently studying Grade 12 and having fun with some mates
Your Hero: Khalen Young
Favorite Music: Bliss n Eso, Will Sparks and some of the mainstream hits
Favorite Food: Pizza for sure
Favorite Drink: Iced Coffee
Guilty Pleasure: Nutella, eat it like it's going out of fashion!
Favorite Race: Personal race; 2010 national finals at Shepparton, Vic. Professional race; UCI Downhill @ Woodward West 2004, just dudes going big and having fun!
Best thing about BMX: Having a fun time with your closest mates
Worst thing about BMX: Crashing! But I hear that chicks dig scars?
Favorite Magazine: BMXpress
5 Websites you visit every day: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, The ComeUp
Dream Car: A clean Toyota Hilux, lowered, style back tray, big rims, and a mad sound system
Dream Vacation: USA!
Riding Crew: The crew varies, usually I have Blake Sylvester (best mate) and the local bike riders, scooter riders (as much as I hate to say that), and skaters. When I'm at the track it's a matter of who turns up for a ride or where I'm going for a ride

Bonus Questions

On an African Safari, which animal would you smuggle back and why? Definitely a giraffe! Then I could sit on it's head and take awesome panoramas of the sunset
Water Balloons or Water Guns? Water guns, because I'm hopeless at throwing a water balloon haha
If a Wood Chuck could chuck wood, how many days would it take him? About 7
If you have any other random facts you would like the world to know about you. I have a weird obsession with taking photos of the sky, as well as random things to post on Instagram