Curtis Frerichs



Curtis "Frenchfry" Frerichs


About Curtis

Full Name – Curtis Lee Frerichs
NickName – frenchfry
Career # - 446
Age- 22
Class – sandbagger

Height: 5.8"
Favorite thing about Supercross: The way they have always been there like a family, supporting me even before I was ever on the team. Thanks bill, I owe you one.
Years Riding: 8
Pets: 1 black dog
Pet Peeves: when I'm at chipotle and I ask for a lot of cheese and they only give me a little.
Home Town: Highland CA
Favorite Track: bmx blvd
What do you do when you’re not riding: lift bathtubs, hang out with friends, play call of duty, eat chipotle
Your Hero: My dad
Favorite Music: metal
Favorite Food: chipotle
Favorite Drink: chocolate milk
Guilty Pleasure: speed everywhere
Favorite Race: coyote national in Goodyear AZ
Best thing about BMX: The way you can hop on a after a long stressful day and suddenly see everything get better in a matter of seconds
Worst thing about BMX: no complaints
Favorite Magazine: ridebmx
5 Websites you visit every day: I'm not much of a Internet surfer
Dream Car: vw r32
Dream Vacation: brazil
Riding Crew: I don't even know where to start
Bonus Questions –
On an African Safari, which animal would you smuggle back and why? A zebra so I can make some new jeans
Water Balloons or Water Guns? Water balloons
If a Wood Chuck could chuck wood, how many days would it take him? Did he drink a red bull?