tim dinger



Tim Dinger


About Tim

Full Name: Tim Dinger
NickName: Dinger, Ding Dong, you name it I have heard it
Career #: 19
Age: 37   
Class: Vet Pro

Height: 5' 9"
Favorite thing about Supercross:  Family atmosphere and they make killer products that not only look amazing, but have the performance that is needed.  Supercross consistently pushes the development of new products and doesn't just come out with mediocre products.
Years Riding:  20
Pets:  Boxer/Great Dane mix named Beamer.  He is a stunner
Pet Peeves:  The word CAN'T, and Negative people.  See things for what they are, not bigger than they are.  You must have the right attitude in life to accomplish anything.
Home Town:  Chicago growing up, Charlotte NC currently
Favorite Track: Rockford, Southpark, Louisville, Hornets Nest, Lexington SC, and Rock Hill
What do you do when you’re not riding:  Coming up with random ideas in life some of which are a bit off the wall, Trail riding/building, building random stuff out of reclaimed materials, gym, and maybe a little xBox
Your Hero:  Don't really have a hero but I do have some people I look up to.  Craig Reynolds has been one who has been a great friend that has taught me a lot about riding and life in general.  
Favorite Music: Anything but Country
Favorite Food:  Sushi and cookies
Favorite Drink:  Water, stay away from soda people
Guilty Pleasure:  Back to cookies on this one, maybe a warm Krispy Kreme doughnut, hahaha
Favorite Race:  Any race with good fun tracks with some good people.  
Best thing about BMX:  The people you meet and the fun that you have.  BMX has its own family and it is amazing when you can go anywhere in the world and find fellow bmxers that are willing to help you out with anything.
Worst thing about BMX:  Lack of exposure in the world and negative parents that don't allow their kids to enjoy the sport.
Favorite Magazine:  Pull, BMX Plus
5 Websites you visit every day:  BMX News, BMX Mania, Google (for looking up random questions I have in my head), Facebook, and Vital
Dream Car:  Anything exotic, I am a big fan of cars in general so don't get me started.  I will talk your ear off
Dream Vacation:  Anywhere that I have my bike with me.  Trails, Tracks, MTB, Road, all of them.  Probably some foreign country experiencing new riding spots and new riders
Riding Crew/Trainer:  Crew is NC based.  Posey, Cole Tezar, Will Murray, Jason Sherill, Meaker, Calvin, Penland, and Charlie Biggs (Up and coming kid who rips)

Any other interesting information that you’d like people to know:  I am the type of guy who is just out having fun riding his bike.  I am typically the clown in the pits goofing off and having a good time.