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tim dinger



Tim Dinger


About Tim

Full Name: Tim Dinger
NickName: Dinger, Ding Dong, you name it I have heard it
Career #: 19
Age: 37   
Class: Vet Pro

Height: 5’ 9”
Favorite thing about Supercross: They are always thinking outside of the box and coming out with innovative parts.
Years Riding: 20+
Pets: Dog named Beamer. (Boxer Great Dane Mix)
Pet Peeves: Negative people
Home Town: Chicago, Charlotte, now Tampa
Favorite Track: Lexington BMX, Louisville KY & Hornets Nest
What do you do when you’re not riding: Call of Duty, Gym, Trails when I can (Not much in FL)
Your Hero: Craig Reynolds.  He was smooth as butter and a great friend that has taught me a lot about BMX and life
Favorite Music: Anything but country, but I have really been into the Rolling Stones and older Metallica
Favorite Food: Sushi & Cookies (not together)
Favorite Drink: Baby water
Guilty Pleasure: Krispy Kreme hot doughnuts
Favorite Race: Louisville or Grands
Best thing about BMX: It has its own family that will do anything for one another
Worst thing about BMX: Dads that yell at kids
Favorite Magazine: People still read magazines?
5 Websites you visit every day: BMX News, BMXmania, Vintage, Facebook and Supercrossbmx
Dream Car: Mini Cooper GP
Dream Vacation: Anywhere with different culture with friends
Riding Crew: Back home (NC) was Meaker, Sherrill, Murray and BlackWalter, Down here in FL its Will Grant, Meyers and anyone who wants to ride.

Bonus Questions –

On an African Safari, which animal would you smuggle back and why? A small monkey of course.  That way my dog could chase it around the house.
Water Balloons or Water Guns? Water Guns just because they are easier to fill up.
If a Wood Chuck could chuck wood, how many days would it take him? 3 days to chuck
If you have any other random facts you would like the world to know about you.
I have been wearing Vans since I was about 9 (my first pair were purple)
I was a 10lb baby.  And I have only gained 145lbs since…
I was a skater before I ever started riding.  Had 3 half pipes in my yard and once I started riding I tore those down and built a track to ride.

Bike Inspection

Frame – Supercross Envy V3
Fork – SLT Race
Headset- Speedline
Stem- SX Racerhead front load
Bars- SX Flatline
Grips- Morphine Pleasure Grips
Brake Lever- Shimano
Brake Cable- Jagwire
Brake Caliper- Speedline
Seatpost Clamp- Speedline
Seatpost – SX Pivotal
Saddle –SX Pro Race Pivotal
Crankset – Speedline 180mm
BB Kit – Hawk Racing
Chainring – Rennen 43.8 or 44
Chain – Speedline ½ link
Rear Hub – Industry Nine
Front Hub – Industry Nine
Spokes- Industry Nine
Nipples- Industry Nine
Front Rim – Alienation
Rear Rim – Alienation
Front Tire – Maxxis Torch
Rear Tire- Maxxis Torch
Chain Tensioners- Black Crown
# Plate – Stasis
Extras – Rennen G-Cog & Rennen Smart Sprint
Custom Mods –  Custom Pedal modification to get them tighter