Kalvin Davis - 19-27x

Kalvin Davis

You know how they say you should only surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you? Well Kalvin Davis is that person. Hailing from Albuquerque, NM, Kalvin has roots that go way back with Supercross. Not only is he a top 19-27 expert, he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. His excitement at the races is contagious. Just his presence in the pits will get you pumped up. The Supercross BMX family could not be more happy with having Kalvin as part of the family.

About Kalvin

Full Name: Kalvin Davis
Kalvin with a K
Career Number: Not yet but soon
Age: ?
Class: 19/27x

Height: 5' 10"
Favorite thing about Supercross: opportunity
Years Riding: 11
Pets: I've got a little Punk.
Pet Peeves: ignorance
Home Town: Albuquerque, NM
Favorite Track: duke city bmx
What do you do when you're not riding: i walk to class, attend class, read philosophy, hike, rock climb, play chess, paint, and enjoy every breath.
Favorite Music: disco jams!
Favorite Food: cereal, honey bunches of oats.
Favorite Drink: chocolate milk
Guilty Pleasure: i love shoes
Favorite Race: the next one!
Best thing about BMX: travels, adventure, and family
Worst thing about BMX: ummm... What? Nothing!!
Favorite Magazine: pull
Dream Car:  I will roll a lambo
Dream Vacation: take me exploring through the rain forest and jumping off cliffs
Riding Crew: my roots are deep in the 505
Tell us a favorite Road Trip Story: a ghost broke my radio antenna on the way to Desoto!

Bike Inspection

Frame: Supercross ENVY Pro XL - Custom Powdercoated

Forks: Supercross SLT 20mm

Headset: Speedline Sealed Bearing Integrated

Stem: Supercross Racerhead FL - 53mm

Bars: Supercross HUGE

Grips: ODI / Troy Lee Lock On's

Brake Lever: Tektro

Brake Cable: Speedline

Brakes: Tektro

Seatpost Clamp: Speedline Quick Release

Seatpost: Supercross Alloy Pivotal

Saddle: Supercross Pivotal

Rims: Alienation Runaway/Deviant Combo

Hubs: Supercross Quick Twitch

Spokes: Speedline Titanium

Tires: Maxxis DTH

Chain Tensioners: Speedline Alloy

Chain: Speedline Half/Link

Chainring: Tangent 4 Bolt

Cranks: Shimano DXR

Pedals: Time

Bottom Bracket: Hawk