Racerhead Top Load Stem

Supercross Racerhead Top Load Stem

A lightweight stem. At only 10.8 ounces in the Pro ( 55mm ) size the Supercross BMX Racerhead stem offers you the advantages of a toploader stem with the weight savings potential of a front loader. Designed so that the stem bolts are accessible while sitting on the bike to fine tune your bar adjustment, the stem is also flipable to allow you to raise or lower your bar height as needed.

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Racerhead Front Load Stem

Supercross Racerhead Front Load Stem

The Racerhead FL is designed for all around use, Park, Trails, Race, it is the do it all for everyone. CNC machined from Billet Block of Aluminum it has been precisionly chipped away to leave only the finest piece of performance stem available. The bottom has been 3D contoured to keep it smooth and stylish, and with bolts installed it is only a scant 8.8 ounces ( 250 grams ) with all 6 bolts installed for the 48mm size.

Racerhead FL Front Load Stems