Supercross BOLT LT

Supercross BOLT LT

Some people say that Cro-mo race frames are stale and out dated, we say they are wrong and dare them to ride the new BOLT LT and then make up their minds.Cro-mo Race Frames have heritage and lineage so deep in BMX and for good reason. A good Cro-mo frame is light, strong, and will last a long time at the track and the trails. BMX was built around Cro-mo race frames, and the BOLT LT has lineage that goes back 20 years. When Supercross built it’s first frame, it was a Cro-mo race frame, and 20 years later we are still building cro-mo race frames. Although the technology of butting and heat treating and tapering have changed the way a frame gets built, it has changed it for the better. Now we are able to build a 4.2lb Pro Race Frame that can be used as an everyday race frame and trail bike with out any worry or stress of what you are doing to your bike. These frames were build to ride!

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A few of the features of the new 2012 BOLT LT Race frame include:

  • Integrated Campy Style 45/45 Headtube with CNC’d LOGO
  • CNC Machined Euro BB shell ( 68mm Width )
  • Backside CNC’d Cro-mo Dropouts
  • Built in Low Profile Seatpost Clamp with replaceable Nut and Bolt ( Quick Release Compatable )
  • Uses a 27.2mm Seat Post
  • Triple Butted Air Hardened Cro-mo Frame Construction.
  • Tapered Chain and Seat Stays

The new Supercross BMX BOLT LT Race Frame is currently available in 6 Pro Sizes . Current sizes are Pro ( 20.5″ TT ), Pro Plus ( 20.75″ TT ), Pro XL ( 21.25″ TT ), Pro XXL ( 21.75″ TT ), 24″ Pro ( 21.5″ TT ) and 24″ Pro XL ( 22.0″ TT )

Stock colors are Gloss Black, Gloss White, Limited Edition SHOW CHROME and new Fire Engine Red. Custom Colors are available at a slight upcharge, please check with your local Authorized Supercross Dealer.

MSRP on the new Supercross BMX BOLT LT Race Frame starts at only $349.95 ( There is an upcharge of $50.00 for the Chrome Plated Bolt LT Frames ) and have been shipping out just as fast as they are on the track. So if you are ready to build up your new Track and Trail bike check with your local Authorized Supercross Dealer today or click the buy now button.

March 5, 2010 - When reviewed the BOLT LT XXL frame it scored a perfect 20/20

"There's nothing quite like the feel of a cromo frame. It's something that many BMX racing newbies may never have had the pleasure to experience. Cromo BMX race frames are considered old school and even out dated in some circles, but there was once a time that cromo was king, it was quite rare to see alloy used, it was mostly Race Inc and SE who pioneered the alloy frame market. That was 25 plus years ago and things have been flipped around since then. While most manufacturers have dropped cromo frames from their line ups there are still a few who continue to push and develop lighter cromo race frames. None do it quite to the extent of Supercross... "
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Rear C/S
BB Height
HT Angle
Post Size
Pro 20.5" 15" 11.65" 74.5º 27.2mm 31.9mm Campy 4lbs 0oz
Pro Plus 20.75" 15" 11.65" 74.5º 27.2mm 31.9mm Campy 4lbs 1oz
Pro XL 21.25" 15.25" 11.65" 74.5º 27.2mm 31.9mm Campy 4lbs 2oz
Pro XXL 21.75" 15.25" 11.65" 74.5º 27.2mm 31.9mm Campy 4lbs 3oz
24" Pro 21.5" 15.35" 11.65" 73.5º 27.2mm 31.9mm Campy 4lbs 2oz
24" Pro XL 22.0" 15.35" 11.65" 73.5º 27.2mm 31.9mm Campy 4lbs 5oz