Race Frames

Supercross ENVY BLK

Supercross Envy BLK

Not all Carbon is created equal.

Just as with aluminum and steel, there are different grades of material for different strengths and needs. We have been working with some of the worlds leading carbon suppliers on the ENVY BLK for almost 4 years, ensuring that our High Modulus / Nano Tube Carbon is the best material available to build you the Lightest, Stiffest, Fastest Carbon Race Frame Possible.

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Supercross ENVY v5

Supercross Envy V5

Progression is what drives us. Every time we build a frame, we are constantly looking at it and analysing it to try to make it better. So say we should leave good enough alone. But that is not the Supercross way. We live to push it to the cutting edge. The best materials, the best welding procedures, we specify our own Argon mix and specific welding rod. All in pursuit of perfection. We want to ensure that when you get on a Supercross, you know you are riding the best.

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Supercross SX450z

Supercross SX450z

A Modern Classic you can Race today!!

You have to know your history , and pay respect to your roots. BMX started decades ago on modified Schwinn Sting -Rays® which were hi tensile steel, brazed and mig welded. Basically death traps by today’s standards. A few BMX dads started to modify these old bikes, and a few even decided to start using Cro-mo tubing that they had been using for their race cars and dragsters. With that the first modern BMX Frame was born.

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Supercross ENVY v3

Supercross Envy v3

Continuing to push the edge of the aluminum race frame technology the new ENVY race frame has roots that run so deep others would kill for. Handbuilt from our custom spec’ed Easton ULTRA LIGHT RACE 7005 Taperwall tubeset, while maintaining our World Championship and Title winning race geometry you end up with a Pro size race frame that tips the scales at a scant 2.75lbs.

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Supercross BLUR

Supercross Blur

The Supercross BLUR Race Frame is a full seamless 6061 T-6 Aluminum race frame that is welded in fixture, aligned and then aged to a T-4, checked for alignment and then continue aged to a T-6 hardness. The BLUR uses the same World Championship Winning Geometry found on all of our race frames including the Supercross ENVY, just at a more affordable price.

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Supercross BOLT LT

Supercross BOLT LT

Cro-mo Race Frames have heritage and lineage so deep in BMX and for good reason. A good Cro-mo frame is light, strong, and will last a long time at the track and the trails. BMX was built around Cro-mo race frames, and the BOLT LT has lineage that goes back 20 years. When Supercross built it’s first frame, it was a Cro-mo race frame, and 20 years later we are still building cro-mo race frames.

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