Supercross Pro LT 14mm Cassette Hubs Header



Starting with a lightweight 6061 shell, and a Heat Treated 4130 Cro-mo Axle , and a Heat Treated Cro-mo 9t driver, you have the start of a very light weight and durable hub. Add in some sealed bearings, double wide pawls and re-inforced pawl springs and you have a high end Freestyle hub right out of the box.

The Heat Treated Hollow 14mm Cro-mo Axle is broached on the ends for an Allen Wrench to hold the axle tight in all kinds of situations when installing pegs or on frames with bent dropouts.

The Aluminum Flanges are as thick as we can make them to allow for extra strength while still allowing the spokes to settle in properly to keep your wheel true, and the subtle dish on the flanges, eliminates extra tension on the spoke head to keep your spokes lasting longer.

Hub Dimensions for ordering Spokes is as follows:

  • 36 Hole Rear Cassette Hub - Non Drive ( Lft. Flange ) - 45mm Spoke Hole Circle, Drive ( Rt. Flange ) - 55mm Spoke Hole Circle, 3mm Spoke Hole, Center to Non Drive Flange ( Left ) 30mm, Center to Drive Flange ( Rt. ) 25mm

The Supercross 14mm Pro LT Cassette Hubs are available at your favorite Supercross BMX dealer today with an MSRP of $149.95 or if your local Dealer doesn't carry the Supercross 14mm Pro LT Cassette Hub you can buy one now by clicking the link below.