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The Supercross Extension frame is based off of our popular Passion Freestyle frame, but has an old school throw back with it's dual top tube design. It is a Full Seamless Cro-mo construction with a full post weld heat treat. The Headtube is a Cro-mo Campy Integrated with a CNC'd SX logo on the front. BB is a CNC'd Cro-mo MID Shell. Dropouts are Backside CNC'd Laser Cut Cro-mo. The Extension, like the Passion has all removeable brake hardware and gyro tabs. it is available in 4 size, 20.5", 20.75", 21" and 21.25" TT lengths. Colors are Chrome, White, Neon Green, Radberry and Inferno Red.

The Extension is available at your favorite Supercross BMX Dealer now, or you can click the button below to buy one now.