Freestyle Frames

Supercross SX450f

Supercross SX450f

When you are a BMXer you don’t just spend all your time at the track, you like to hit the Trails, ride a little bit of street, do a foot jam or too, you just love to ride. Doesn’t matter if you are at the track or not. Well because of that reason we are proud to offer you the new Supercross SX 450 F-mod. This is our “Freestyle” version of the new SX450z Cro-mo race frame.

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Supercross EXTENSION

Supercross Extension

The Supercross Extension frame is based off of our popular Passion Freestyle frame, but has an old school throw back with it’s dual top tube design. It is a Full Seamless Cro-mo construction with a full post weld heat treat. The Headtube is a Cro-mo Campy Integrated with a CNC’d SX logo on the front. BB is a CNC’d Cro-mo MID Shell. Dropouts are Backside CNC’d Laser Cut Cro-mo. The Extension, like the Passion has all removeable brake hardware and gyro tabs.

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Supercross PASSION

Supercross Passion

Using a full seamless air hardened tubeset with a Double Butted Down Tube and a Triple Butted Top Tube it is very light and extra strong. On top of a great tube set, we have a CNC’d Mid Bottom bracket, a CNC’d Campy Style Integrated Headtube with an engraved “SX” logo, backside CNC’d Heat Treated Cro-mo 1/4″ thick 14mm dropouts with our exclusive 3/8″ reducer option, a miter cut seat mast with a welded on seatpost clamp.

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